10 Most Expensive Commercials

The ten most expensive commercials could be considered expensive for a few different reasons. For one, they may have cost a lot of money to make. However, they could also spend a lot of money to get on the air, such as a Super Bowl ad spot. The ten most expensive commercials can also be determined by factoring in changes in the economy. What was expensive in the 1970s, for example, might not seem like a lot now.

  1. Guinness In our culture, it’s no surprise that a commercial for a beer is one of the most expensive ever made. In the commercial, a fantastic array of items are toppled over with a domino effect to finally reveal the logo in a pillar of books.  
  2. Honda Another domino effect commercial that’s done without excessive special effects, this commercial was certainly expensive but lacks the real human connection of the Guinness commercial. It features a Honda is the end, rather than a logo.
  3. Adidas This is one of the most expensive commercials just because of the celebrities features. It includes shots of Russell Simmons, David Beckham, Estelle, Taye Digs, Katy Perry, Missy Elliot and Young Jeezy.
  4. Electronic Data Systems Vast images and lots of special effects, this commercial about cat herders in the wild west proved to be quite expensive. Another Super Bowl favorite, it delighted audiences of all ages with super imagery and humor.
  5. Carlton Draught Beer This expensive commercial boasts “It’s a big ad!” through the thousands of singing actors. These actors run through a wasteland to eventually create an image of a man drinking beer.
  6. Pepsi Set in Trojan times, this Pepsi commercial is expensive due to the epic sets, extensive scenery and vast number of actors. With Pepsi cans strewn throughout the commercial, mostly in the beginning, the audience is hooked by the story and humor.
  7. Reebok With relatively poor production quality, this commercial was expensive because of the guest appearance of Linebacker Terry Tate in combination with multiple sets and the Super Bowl air time. The concept of an “Office Linebacker” is also hard to resist.
  8. Monster.com The dot-com Internet explosion of the late 1990s threatened to put many companies out of business, including Monster.com. In one commercial, Monster featured children explaining what they want to be when they grow up, such as “a yes man” or “middle management,” conveying the message that there are better jobs out there. What made this commercial so expensive was a combination of long running air time and a prime Super Bowl spot.
  9. Avatar” Advertising a film, rather than a product, can make for some very expensive commercials. The movie “Avatar” had a budget of more than 300 million dollars, and you better believe a movie that big needed a serious ad campaign. The TV commercials for “Avatar” proved to be one of the largest and most expensive commercial campaigns of all time.
  10. E*Trade This is the last commercial on the list for good reason. It was certainly cheap to make, featuring two men and a monkey clapping. However, it ran during a very expensive Super Bowl year, meaning it cost mega-bucks to air. The originality of the ad comes from the admission that the company just wasted millions, a clever catch from this financial company.
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