10 Most Expensive Dogs

The 10 most expensive dogs are purebred dogs, whose genetics, health, intelligence, physical features, physical capacity and temperament are second to none. On the other hand, mongrels, mutts or mixed breeds are much cheaper. 

  1. Pomeranians are one of the most expensive dogs around and a popular American pedigree. Weighing only six pounds in adulthood, Pomeranians are pint-sized pooches, originating in Germany. Royal families in Europe first adopted them as pets. They readily receive training to perform tricks.
  2. Afghan Hounds are another most expensive dog which weighs about 55 Ibs. Having aristocratic blood, they usually grab many coveted prizes at dog shows. They pride themselves on their long, fluffy hair and stand very erect, almost imperiously. Afghan hounds cost in the thousands. 
  3. Irish Terriers are an expensive breed with high intelligence and a low vulnerability to sickness. As one of the oldest types of dogs in Ireland, these dogs functioned as messenger dogs, watchdogs and hunting dogs during WWI. Irish Terriers bear a dignified posture and are covered with wiry hair. 
  4. English Cocker Spaniels are expensive dogs whose roots lie in Spain since the fourteenth century. Imported to England, a special new species developed with high reception to learning. Its lush, long mane is a defining trait accompanied by bushy feet. It has a strong-boned frame and muscular legs. 
  5. The Smooth Chinese Chow Chow is a most expensive dog exceeding most common dog prices. These dogs have a smooth coat of hair and although not as obedient as most costly dogs, are strong and stocky in built. In Mongolia, they pulled carts for long distances and their hairs were converted to clothes.
  6. The Poodle Standard is a top expensive dog which has snow-white, fluffy fur with a predominant crown of hair. The long-necked form, elegant stance and graceful walk are characteristics which set the standard for the Poodle Standard. 
  7. The Shar Pei dog is a dear dog in more ways that one. This Chinese breed are born gladiators where in former times, they would fight in rings, hunt and protect herds of animals. Thick powerful dogs, with short, bristled hair, the Shar Pei was also a marked specialty dish.  
  8. Samoyed dogs are another class of most expensive dogs, valuable in pulling sleds and shepherding reindeer. Its silky white coat blends in well with their natural Alaskan environment. Hair is most abundant on feet and toes. 
  9. The Tibetan Mastiff are highly expensive dogs with superior strength, extraordinary swiftness and rarity. The monks would use these dogs for guarding the temples and livestock. Its pronounced features are the fluffy tail and thick neck. 
  10. The Papillon is on the list of most expensive dogs. Papillons have long, spiky fur and keen sensory abilities. These mini-sized pedigrees are generally very obedient, therefore do well as service dogs or companions. 
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