10 Most Expensive Mens Brands

There are many luxury brands out there today that offer the highest end styles and comfort, here are the 10 most expensive mens brands. Many men, it seems, enjoy something unique. This can only be obtained by having a more expensive shirt or shoe. Not only women get to enjoy this luxury—men can too!. Let's take a look at some of men's most expensive brands:
  1. Berluti shoes come at an extravagant price of $1,830 and above. This handmade leather shoe remains in the market as one of the most loved shoes. Theses shoes are known as the most expensive dress shoes in the world.
  2. Antique Levi's jeans-who would have thought they would top at $60,000? Levi has rivaled Gucci with its signature Jean. The fiber construction of this Jean and texture are what makes it so valuable.
  3. An Audemars Piguet time piece retails for $700,000. It seems unbelievable, but this watch sold as fast as it hit the market.
  4. Brioni makes a men's suit that is $6,000. It is very unlikely that the use of business suits will ever decline.
  5. Georgio Armani suits are also an extravagant luxury at $3,505. No quite as expensive as a Brioni, but very well known and with high reputation.
  6. Eton; a Sweedish shirt making company, celebrated its 80th birthday with a shirt valued at $45,000. The shirt will tour the world then will be sold at auction next year.
  7. Nike Solitaire Kicks. The most expensive men's sneaker, these diamond studded tennis shoes are worth $50,000
  8. Satya Paul Design studios introduced its most expensive neck tie costing $220,000. The neck tie is made of pure silk with a pattern in 150 grams of gold and adorned with 271 diamonds
  9. PechePlatinum's crocodile flip flop are the most expensive men's flip flop. These shoes cost $400 and they are made with hand sewn crocodile straps.
  10. Umbro brand of shoes which are decorated with 2,494 gems, rose gold and artwork by film producer and former musician Goldie. These men's cleats cost a hefty $624,000.
These prices may seem ridiculous to most, but some of us really enjoy culture and luxury. If you have the dough, then you have the ability to enjoy these pleasures in men's attire and accessories.
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