10 Most Expensive Paintball Guns

What are the 10 most expensive paintball guns? Paintball guns come in many variations, with a wide variation of price points. There are however some very expensive gun out there. Expensive guns come in the game variety, and also the military or realistic variety used by trainers, re-enactors, and militaries. This article will try and give a good mix of both types.

The ten most expensive paintball guns are:

  1. RAP4 T68 M240 Machine Gun $4500 – A realistic trainer type paintball gun which is a copy of the M60 machine gun used by U.S. Forces in Vietnam. Gas powered, 400 paintball full auto fun.
  2. RAP4 T68 Avenger $4000 – Most powerful paintball gun made. A realistic type paintball gun with silenced sniper barrel and twin grenade launchers. A sniper scope gives long range accuracy and the red dot scope allows for rapid targets at closer ranges. A full squad of power in one arm.
  3. RAP4 M249 Mimini SAW $3600 – A realistic copy of the Mimini M249 used by the U.S. military. Gas operated 200 round magazine fed has full auto, three round burst and semi-automatic firing modes.
  4. RAP4 M1919 Browning $2500 – A realistic copy of the M1919 Browning Machine gun which was used in WWII and Vietnam. It features . 68 caliber full auto rock and roll.
  5. RAP4 T6 Chaos Genocide $2000 – A realistic copy of the M16 line of military rifles. Uses a .68 caliber eighteen round magazine and full auto fire mode. Also includes their dual grenade launcher for even more destruction.
  6. Planet Eclipse Ego II $1250 – A top of the line traditional styled paintball marker. The Ego line comes in a variety of colors. Lightweight but durable,  LCD screen, 16 bit technology processor, and a multitude of other features in a new sleeker, more comfortable and durable design.
  7. Planet Eclipse Geo 2 $1250 – A traditional styled paintball marker. A full featured marker filled with customizable features, and in a myriad of colors. This one features a new prop shaft assembly, and a new wider frame-to-reg spacing which changes the feel of the gun and allows for higher hand placement.  
  8. Bob Long Marq Victory $1175 – Custom quality traditional styled game paintball marker filled with custom features. Top quality materials and manufacture. Available in several colors for personal preference. Snag free hoseless design. Up to 2100 shots from a 68ci tank.
  9. Bob Long M-TAC $930 – The latest in the Bob Long traditional styled paintball marker line. This is a custom quality marker with a magnitude of features, many of which are customizable. Uses their Marq technology in a scenario styled gun. It comes in a variety of colors and upgradeable options
  10. Dangerous Power REV-1 $850 – Top of the line in the DP line of traditional styled paintball markers. This one is filled with features including Ultra Sharp OLED display, switchblade trigger, and rear mounted pressure gauge

There are ten of the most expensive paintball guns made. There are excellent copies of military arms which can be used for re-enacting and training, and more traditional styled paintball guns more suitable for the game field. Hopefully there is something there you like and do not mind spending a lot of money on. In some cases, such as the full auto versions they are the one way the normal person will be able to experience the thrill of full automatic firepower. So while they are not cheap, they do fill a special niche. Enjoy…

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