10 Most Expensive Restaurants in San Francisco

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in San Francisco

Curious about the 10 most expensive restaurants in San Francisco? Here are the most expensive ones we've found. Based on average cost per person, these restaurants are sure to either make diners broke or serve the best food.

  1. Range Restaurant: Range serves great appetizers and food. The seating is very cramped but the food is amazing. Reservations recommended. Very healthy food that is well worth the price. Great wines. Range is the most expensive restaurant in San Francisco. 842 Valencia Street – 415.282.8283
  2. The Blue Plate: The Blue Plate has the best service anyone can find. The servers will literally befriend the customers. Perfect wines and a large menu with high quality food will satisfy everyone. 3218 Mission Street @ Valencia – 415-282-6777
  3. Crustacean: The spacious Crustacean restaurant serves the best quality seafood and serves it quick. This classy restaurant is very expensive if compared to the surrounding restaurants. Crustacean's is great for all occasions, including dates and casual dinners. 1475 Polk Street415.776.2722
  4. Rose Pistola: Rose Pistola is a very popular diner's getaway, so reservations are a must. This restaurant is well equipped with quality of food and great service. The long bar inside represents the California theme. Fine dining don't come cheap at $50 for dinner and around $30 for lunch. 532 Columbus near Union Street – 415.399.0499
  5. Millennium: This vegetarian restaurant will prove most people wrong about vegetarian food. High quality and high prices, very well worth it if it's within a diner's budget. Very adventurous menu of fruits and healthy grains. 580 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 94102 – 415.345.3900
  6. Boulevard: At the Boulevard, patrons dine in a high quality environment with an elegant upscale menu. Not a good place for young people and teens. Very pricey but the food is very well made. The Boulevard has a unique ambiance that's great for hanging out. 1 Mission Street415.543.6084
  7. Foreign Cinema: The Foreign Cinema is one of the 10 most expensive restaurants in San Francisco and has many picture shows along with very good food. For about $36 a person, you can get an entree, side dish, salad, drink, and dessert. Good quality food for a nominal price.
  8. Aqua: Aqua is artfully lit with dim candles to give the aura of classic ambiance. Soft jazz plays in the background as people eat. This fancy restaurant is great for outing and family gatherings. Diners always get their money's worth here. 252 California St. San Francisco, CA 94111 – 415.956.9662
  9. Plumpjack: Plumpjack's will give diners excellent food in a stimulating environment. Plumpjack's only offers the finest foods and focuses on special occasions. Very expensive but well worth the experience. There is also a wine shop nearby for take home after a great meal. 3127 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94123-3416 – 415.563.4755
  10. The Slanted Door: At The Slanted Door, quality is integrated with Vietnamese cuisine and fresh California food. The owner was a computer salesman and architect but has designed an excellent restaurant. The Slanted Door is definitely the place to visit for one of the top 10 most expensive meals in San Francisco. 865 Market Street – 415.541.9913

San Francisco's 10 most expensive restaurants all have very good quality food so tourists, locals, and diners are getting their money's worth. Visit one of the 10 most expensive restaurants in San Francisco. Or try them all out and you are sure to have a great experience

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