10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

All foodies have a few restaurants that they have to visit, and the ten most expensive restaurants in the world are usually on that list. The world offers a large variety of cuisine for any budget.  However, the most expensive restaurants always offer the best food available.  Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world.

  1. Aragawa  in Tokyo, Kapan is the number one most expensive restaurant in the world.  With the average meal costing $368, having a meal at this restaurant will cost you a pretty penny.  At first look you will think you are in the wrong place.  It is located in the basement of an office building at the end of a dark hall, but one bite of their delicious kobe beef and you will be happy to spend the money.
  2. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, France comes in second with the average cost per person at $231.  Offering modern, authentic French cuisine in an upscale environment, this restaurant is a must visit.  They specialize in la carte dining so each customer can customize their own dish.  You can choose to have caviar, giblets of lamb and a duck liver sauce, or any of you favorite French cuisine.  Just be sure to save room for their exquisite desserts.
  3. Gordon Ramsay in London, England is third on the list of most expensive restaurants.  The average meal costs $183 and is well worth every penny. The well-known chef puts everything he knows into this restaurant to make it an excellent dinning experience. It only has 13 tables, so it is always busy, but with delicious entrees such as cornish lamb and pigeon, if the restaurant had 30 tables it would still be packed at all times.
  4. Acquarello in Munich, Germany has an average cost of $125 per person. It is a Mediterranean style Italian restaurant that has a menu with a wide range of food.  So whether you are in the mood for pasta, pigeon, veal or chicken Acquarello has something for you.
  5. Alberto Ciarla in Rome, Italy comes in at number five, with the average meal costing $113. Alberto Ciarla has a large selection of seafood included in their seven course menu.  They combine the delicate flavors of the fish with hearty pastas and vegetables to make unique and delicious dishes that everyone will enjoy.
  6. Sushi Kaji in Montreal, Canada  has an average price of $109 per person. They combine exotic flavors with everyday food to give customers an experience they are sure not to forget.  From watermelon soup to fried fluke with tomato sauce the menu offers a wide range of dishes that you must try.
  7. Queue de Cheval Steak House in Montreal, Canada averages out at $85 per person. All the beef offered is corn-fed and dry-aged 35 days before it is served.  They are most known for their 24-ounce porterhouse that is not for lite eaters. So if you are in the mood for a delicious one of a kind steak this is the place for you.
  8. El Amparo in Madrid, Spain  comes in at number eight. Averaging $70 per entree this lovely restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience. It is located in a coach-house and is beautifully decorated.  Not only is the food top-quality, but the entire package is worth the money.
  9. Whampoa Club in Shanghai, China  has an average cost of $63 per person which makes it the 9th most expensive restaurant in the world. The luxurious ambiance of the restaurant is what draws you in, but it's the delicious dishes, including the drunken chicken, that keeps you coming back.
  10. Boeucc in Milan, Italy is number ten on the list of the world's most expensive restaurants. This jacket-required restaurant has an average of $62 per person and is the oldest in Milan. The must-try dish on their menu is the saffron risotto which is second to none.
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