10 Most Expensive Speakers

Ever wonder what the 10 most expensive speakers would run you? Audiophiles are sure to drool over this list of high-powered, souped-up, simply amazing sound systems. Some of them tower more than 20 feet tall, while others look more like some new art deco sculptures, but these are the most expensive speakers currently on the market. If you win the lottery, would you rush out and buy one of these babies?

  1. Transmission Audio's ULTIMATE-$2,000,000: Selling for a cool two million dollars, Transmission Audio's Ultimate speaker system consists of twelve 500W speakers, a BC-1 preamp and an Audio Laboratory BP-1 dual-mono power amp. With an additional forty 15" subwoofers and twenty-four 8" woofers, this is not only top dog in the most expensive speakers contest, it's also a stereo system that will easily make the neighbors' windows vibrate (and their neighbors, and their neighbors and so on).
  2. Kharma's Grand Enigma-$1,000,000: Hailing from the Netherlands, this one of a kind speaker set is as mysterious as its name suggests. While Kharma advertises details on all their other products, the Grand Enigma is an endless mystery. They're also the second most expensive speakers on our list, with a price tag of one million dollars.
  3. Wisdom Audio's Infinite Wisdom Grande-$700,000: Said to reach a towering height of 23 feet and weighing in at nearly two tons, Wisdom Audio's Infinite Wisdom is definitely one of the heavyweight contenders when it comes to the world's most expensive speakers.
  4. Moon Audio's Signature Titan-$500,000: Tying with CAT's MBX for fourth place in our list of most expensive speakers, we have Moon Audio's Signature Titan. Standing six feet tall and weighing close to 3,000 pounds each, these monsters are not only limited edition beauties (so far, only three have been made), they're also signed by the designer. Talk about a collectible!
  5. California Audio Technology's MBX-$500,000: CAT's MBX slips in after Moon Audio, since they aren't limited edition (though both are priced at $500,000 each).  Built for the audiophile with money to burn, a pair of these 12-foot beauties already grace the exotic car showroom in the Caesar's Palace casino of Las Vegas.
  6. Acapella Audio Arts' Sphaeron Excalibur-$380,700: If you're looking for the most stylish and the most expensive speakers around, you definitely want to take a closer look at the Sphaeron Excalibur. Sleek and classy, these gorgeous speakers are handmade in Germany and boast a price tag of almost $400,000.
  7. Magico's Ultimate-$354,000: Taking more than four months to make, the Ultimate is a 5-way speaker system that is housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum housing. You know, when you start using airplane quality parts, you're definitely looking at one of the most expensive speakers in the world.
  8. Adam Audio's Olympic Sound System-$325,000: When creating the Olympic Sound System, Adam Audio set to create "the most ambitious, most complex and most innovative of all existing speaker systems." Featuring eight columns comprised of twelve built-in amps, a digital signal processing brain and 60 individual drivers, this is not only one of the most expensive speakers out there, it's also one of the smartest.
  9. Tidal's T-1-$322,000: Tidal was the first company to release a speaker with a unique 30mm diamond tweeter and sleek, black, ceramic diaphragms. That was the Sunday. With the T-1, they decided to try and outdo themselves and "raise the bar." The end result is a beautifully modified Sunray with a pure silver crossover and sub-bass extender. While it may be one of the most expensive speakers in the world, it's worth every penny.
  10. Wisdom Audio's Infinite Wisdom-$300,000: A smaller version of the Infinite Wisdom Grande, the Infinite Wisdom is ideal for larger domestic rooms. With a price tag of $300,000, there aren't many domestic rooms that will house one of these beautiful and expensive speakers, but it's nice to dream, right?
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