10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

Warmer weather brings out the need to shade the eyes from the blaring sun and what better way to do that then with one of the 10 most expensive sunglasses. They are all high quality sunglasses, but not all are high in style. As with everything in this world, the right pair for you depends upon personal style and wallet, of course.

  1. D&G make the top of the list with their Dolce & Gabbana Elite sunglasses at $386,609. That's right, just under $400,000 for a pair of brown tinted sunglasses framed in gold with diamonds on both sides of the arm. Now these will make a statement. Just make sure you don't lose them at the beach.
  2. Luxuriator comes in second with their pair of style 23 sunglasses at $65,000. These glasses have a mixture of eighteen-karat gold and ivory buffalo horn rims mixed in with 132 hand-cut diamonds. These glasses not only clean out a bank account, but make a statement on any face.
  3. Moss Lipow comes in at number eight with their sunglasses costing $3,800. The reason their price tag gets so high is they are made with an ostrich and alligator leather frame. They are sunglasses that are worn by anyone who is out to make a statement, an expensive one at that.
  4. Chrome Hearts has produced the next pair of glasses, Kufannaw II, coming in at $1,350. They have an ultra chic design that looks good on any face shape. The glasses are handmade and give that aviator look that everyone is after these days.
  5. Louis Vuitton comes in fifth with their Damier pattern glasses priced at $1,200. They have a lightweight titanium body that includes folding hinges at both the arms and bridge for easy portability.
  6. Fendi comes in next with their 411 Aviator sunglasses priced to steel at $1,200. With a brown frame and brown tinted center, they are the set of sunglasses that go with everything, including the sun.
  7. Louis Vuitton hits the list again with their Millionaire sunglasses coming in at $1,000. These sunglasses are a statement with bold red or black frames and gold racing stripes. Don't worry, everyone will see these coming.
  8. Bvlgari makes a pair of sunglasses, model 8016, that runs up to a simple $700. They sport a crystal studded arm with a wide set of frames that are perfect for blocking out every ray of sun while making that bold statement everyone has been looking for.
  9. Oakley comes in next with their Romeo sunglasses costing a simple $500. They have a sharp, clean look to them with polarized lenses and titanium thin frames.
  10. Maui Jim made the bottom of the list, but not because of their price or style, just because the list had to end somewhere. They have a style of glasses called the Hawaii 310, coming in at $350. They have simple and stylish look that not only looks good on everyone, but is in a budget that everyone can afford.
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