10 Most Famous Actors From The ’80s


Everyone will have their own opinions on whom the 10 most famous actors from the 80’s are. The opinions will be based on the kind of movies and television shows that they watch and what genre they are familiar with. These actors may be your favorite or you may not like them at all. However, there is no denying their success as actors in the 80’s.

  1. Judd Nelson. With back to back movies in 1985, Judd Nelson became a household name thanks to "The Breakfast Club" and "St. Elmo’s Fire". He lit hearts on fire and had teenage girls hearts fluttering everything his face flashed on the screen. His success as a teen heart throb continued through the 80’s on the big screen and on TV.  
  2. Rob Lowe. Starting with "The Outsiders" in 1983, Rob Lowe is among the top ten most famous actors of the 80’s. His fame from the 80’s has carried him through the years and landed him roles in movies and on television.
  3. Tom Hanks. The list of Tom Hanks movies is nearly endless. In each roll he puts in his heart and soul and becomes each role that he plays. He started early in his career on a hit television show, "The Bossom Buddies" and worked his way into successful movie roles.
  4. Patrick Swayze. "The Outsiders", "Road House", "Dirty Dancing", and many more have landed Patrick Swayze on this list of the ten most famous actors of the 80’s. His famous actor status continued into the 90’s and beyond.
  5. Bruce Willis. Playing opposite of Cybil Shepard in "Moonlighting" made Bruce Willis a household name with the ladies in the 80’s. He then went on the make one of the best action movies ever in "Die Hard" landing him even higher on the list with his gun toting ways.
  6. Mel Gibson. Although Mel Gibson has recently made headlines due to his cheating way,s in the 80’s he was famous for his acting ability and talent. Starting with "Mad Max" and ending the 80’s with "Lethal Weapon II", Mel Gibson hit the top of the action charts with his movies.
  7. Tom Cruise. With twelve movies under his belt by the end of the 80’s, Tom Cruise was a household name and heart throb. He starred along side other on the ten most famous actors of the 80’s list as well including: Robe Lowe, Patrick Swayze, and Dustin Hoffman.
  8. Emilio Estevez. Another teen heart throb that made his name in the 80’s. He put his name in lights in big screen hits that included "The Outsiders", "St. Elmo’s Fire", and "The Breakfast Club" just to name a few.
  9. Sylvester Stallone. His career took off long before the 80’s with the box office hit "Rocky" and "Rocky II". This prize fighter showed off muscles like no other and moved into the action hits of "Rambo" and "Tango & Cash".
  10. Dustin Hoffman. He started the decade in the controversial "Kramer vs. Kramer" before he moved on to the cross dressing actor in "Tootsie". In 1989, he played along side Tom Cruise in his award winning role in "Rainman".  
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