10 Most Famous American Politicians

The 10 most Famous American Politicians—who are they?  Put aside your political ideology.  Throw out the media spin.  Ignore what your history teacher says and forget what you read in their biographies.  This list has only one qualification, and that is fame. Fame denotes one thing, and it’s not what legislation was passed or even what social justice was accomplished during their tenure in office, it is name recognition.  Who makes the list and why?  You may be surprised.

  1. George Washington – The father of our country, the most successful military leader in American history and our First President, Washington is and will remain the most recognized of the 10 Most Famous American Politicians.
  2. Barack Obama – Like it or not, as the first African American President of the United States, the man is a shoe in for this distinguished list.
  3. Ronald Reagan – The first of two actor/politicians to make the list, Ronny ‘Ray-Gun’ is credited with being the Great Communicator’, as well as winning the Cold War.
  4. Benjamin Franklin – Probably the second most well-known member of the Founding Fathers. Not only is he on the $100 bill, old Ben  also did something our mothers always told us not too—flying a kite in a thunderstorm!  Oh, and he wanted the Turkey as America’s national bird.  Total awesomeness!
  5. Franklin Roosevelt – Famous for being America’s President during its successful WWII conclusion in Europe as well as being the only president to serve more than two terms.
  6. John F. Kennedy – The President that could have been. Even so, President Kennedy was a brilliant orator, high society socialite and possibly the most glamorized President in U.S. history.  Everyone knows the story of JFK.
  7. Sarah Palin – Mainstream media types cringe at her inclusion, but they only have themselves to blame.  Thanks to them, everyone knows Sarah Palin’s name and almost everything else about her.
  8. Abraham Lincoln – The Great Emancipator, Lincoln finished the work our Founding Fathers started in creating a nation where all men are created equal. He stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of even Washington.  In addition, his conspiratorial post Civil War assassination casts a looming shadow over all American politics.
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator turned Governator, Arnold is easily the most famous State Governor of all time.
  10. Richard Nixon – More infamous than famous thanks to Watergate, most American’s know who “Tricky Dicky” is.

There you have it.  The 10 Most Famous American Politicians of all time.  Whether infamous due to scandal (*cough* Bill Clinton), controversial like Palin, or inspirational like Washington and Lincoln, American politics is full of characters at least as famous as Wesley Snipes.

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