10 Most Famous Australian Athletes

Despite having a population of only 22 million, Australia has been a major player on the international sports scene for decades. Domestically, Aussie rules football, but the Australians have produced great athletes in a variety of internationally popular sports. A number of individuals stars have become household names due to their sporting exploits and the following list contains the names of the ten most famous Australian athletes.

  1. Shane Warne The blonde haired cricketer proved that his sport was one where the fat man could be king. Warne became one of the top ten Australian athletes courtesy of his ability to create more spin than a sleaze bag lawyer in Washington.
  2. Ian Thorpe This Australian athlete was known as "The Thorpedo" for his devastating speed in the swimming pool. He won five Olympic gold medals for his country and was regarded as the best male swimmer in the world until Michael Phelps finally knocked him off his perch. 
  3. Susie O'Neill Swimmer Susie was called "Madame Butterfly" by Aussie fans because of her prowess in the butterfly events. She won gold at the Olympics, commonwealth games and the world championships and remains one of her nations ten most famous athletes.
  4. Tim Cahill The diminutive soccer player and famous Australian burst onto the world scene as the star of Australia's 2006 World Cup campaign during which he scored two goals. "Tiny Tim," as he is known, plays for Everton in the English Premier League where he has a reputation for scoring headed goals despite being one of the shortest players on the team. 
  5. Greg Norman Like most famous Australian athletes, golfer Norman was known by a nickname: "The Great White Shark." The blonde star was ranked as the number one golfer for 331 weeks during which time he dominated the competition.
  6. David Campese Like many famous athletes, Rugby Union star Campese was known as much for his cockiness as his talent. The mouthy Aussie lived up to his own billing in 1991 when he lead his country to success at the rugby World Cup. The famous athlete played 101 times for Australia before retiring from the sport to become a vocal TV analyst.
  7. Donald Bradman People in Australia don't just regard Bradman as one of the ten most famous Australian athletes of all time, but also as one of the greatest sports athletes of all time. He averaged 99 runs per cricket test match, an insanely good record that no one else has ever come close to. 
  8. Cathy Freeman The aboriginal star became the darling of Australia when she won the 400 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Australians had never excelled in track and field, so her accomplishment instantly made her of of the ten most famous Australian athletes. 
  9. Pat Cash Tennis star Pat didn't rate women's tennis much and made himself unpopular for saying so. Women didn't think much of his blonde tipped, mullet or trade mark sweatband, so there was no love lost there. Pat actually made headlines for the right reasons in 1987 when he won Wimbledon and instantly joined the ranks of Australias ten most famous athletes.
  10. Craig Johnston Before the English Premier League was awash with foreign stars, Aussie Craig was one of the few non-British players to earn a living there when he played for Liverpool during the 1980s. Craig, who looked more like a Bon Jovi member than a soccer star, decided to retire from soccer at the height of his fame and returned to Australia so he could spend more time surfing.
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