10 Most Famous Black Athletes Ever

These are the ten most famous black athletes ever. Black people have had such a huge impact on sports whether they are slam dunking in basketball, slugging homeruns in baseball, or scoring touchdowns in football. But who exactly are the ten most famous black athletes? Well, whether they are known for their newspaper headlines or on the field performance, these ten athletes are widely considered as the most popular of them all.

  1. Hank Aaron- This was the first owner of the Most Career Home runs Award who was black. He beat out Babe Ruth and did it honestly and humbly as he played for the under-the-radar Atlanta Braves.
  2. Barry Bonds– Why is this black athlete so popular? Because he broke Hank Aaron's career home run record while blasting home runs for the San Francisco Giants. Although steroids have tainted his name, he is still one of the most well known athletes ever.
  3. Michael Jordan- Widely considered the best basketball player ever, it is no wonder why Michael Jordan is one of the most popular black athletes. This athlete has turned his success on the court into a multi-million dollar franchise known as "Air Jordan" and is a household name.
  4. Jackie Robinson- Jackie is so well known as a black athlete that he actually has an entire day celebrated to honor his accomplishments. Jackie was the first black baseball player to enter the MLB for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  5. Gale Sayers– This man was one of the first great black runningbacks in the NFL. With lightning-quick agility, it is no wonder why he is such a famous black athlete.
  6. Ryan Howard- This black athlete is slugging home runs for the Philadelphia Phillies and has made a reputation for being the greatest pure slugger ever. He was the quickest player to ever hit 200 home runs in his career, and he has it down after the steroid era which makes it all that more impressive.
  7. Wilt Chamberlain- He is one of the greatest black athletes ever and for a good reason. Wilt was one of the biggest blue collar players to ever step onto a basketball court, and when he did, there was no doubt he gave it his all every time.
  8. LaDanian Tomlinson- This black athlete may go down as the greatest running back ever, and he has the stats to prove it. He broke the most rushing touchdowns in a season and when he was in his prime, he was unstoppable.
  9. Donovan McNabb- Although Philly might not have appreciated him, he is probably the best black quarterback to ever play the game. At a position dominated by white athletes, Donovan year in and year out was a top player at the position.
  10. Ricky Henderson- Perhaps no black athlete was as beloved as Ricky was. Whether he was talking about himself in the third person or swiping a base and setting a record that will likely never be broken, Ricky was adored by fans. He had the loudest mouth, and everyone heard him whether they were an A's fan or not.
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