10 Most Famous Blonde Actresses

A list of the 10 most famous blonde actresses includes women who may not have been born blonde but are identified with the light manes. Blonde actresses frequently earn the moniker of "bombshell" to go along with their light-colored hair. Part of the criteria for this list is the blonde must actually have some acting talent and not just look sharp in a bathing suit, and most of these women have maintained their blonde locks, whether naturally or not, throughout their careers. 

  1. Carole Lombard. This Fort Wayne, Indiana-born native was married to both William Powell and Clark Gable. She was a blonde with a mouth like a sailor and an aversion to wearing underwear. She is best known for her roles in the original "Mr & Mrs. Smith" and "Nothing Sacred." In "My Man Godfrey," filmed at the height of the Great Depression, she played a rich girl who went searching for a forgotten man, a homeless man without a job. She died young, in an air crash returning home from a war bond rally, but her legacy places her firmly on the ten most famous blonde actress list. 
  2. Patricia Arquette. An actress on both the large and small screen, Ms. Arquette is best known for the all-seeing lead on TV's "Medium." She's also well-known for her blonde head of hair that has appeared in various styles over her series run. 
  3. Reese Witherspoon. How could a list of the ten most famous blonde actresses not include a woman who starred in "Legally Blonde"?
  4. Marilyn Monroe. She's the famous MM. The blonde Marilyn of film fame. She is the classic and famous blonde actress that sets the standards for new generations. Ms. Norman Jean Baker is herself the subject of large- and small-screen bio films including one called simply, "Blonde."
  5. Jean Harlow. Although she died in 1937, Ms. Harlow is the archetype for modern blondes. The platinum blonde starred in a film titled, "The Platinum Blonde" that places her firmly on the most famous blonde actress list. 
  6. Ginger Rogers. This famous blonde actress could sing, dance and crack jokes. With frequent dance partner, Fred Astaire, she tapped through a handful of films before winning awards as a leading dramatic actress. 
  7. Mae West. One of the original blonde bombshells, Ms. West also had a figure shaped like an hour glass. She's famous for her one liners, including, "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" 
  8. Veronica Lake. The star the film classic "Sullivan's Travels," Ms. Lake was known for her blonde locks that swung down over one eye in a sexy look that made men swoon. She made a series of detective films in the 1940s that cemented her role as an actress of substance, not just a blonde-haired beauty. 
  9. Grace Kelly. A Philadelphia socialite turned actress, turned Princess of Monaco. Ms. Kelly was tastefully blonde and remained so until her untimely death. 
  10. Judy Holliday. Ms. Holliday is best known for her portrayal of Billie Dawn in the film "Born Yesterday," released in 1950, but this blond is easily identified by her interesting, and somewhat quirky, voice. In addition to her light blond hair, she knew how to wear a tight skirt with high pumps. Although she occasionally played the dumb blonde, many times she ended up as the sage voice of reason in the film. 
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