10 Most Famous Brunette Actresses

Who are the 10 most famous brunette actresses? Ever heard the saying, "Boys like blondes, but real men like brunettes."? If this quote describes you, then you will love this list of 10 most famous brunette actresses. Not only are these women famous and wealthy, they are smart, sexy, and sassy!

  1. Angelina Jolie – Angelina is well known for her full lips, talent, charity work, adopting children. and her boyfriend Brad Pitt. Angelina was named 2006's Most Beautiful Star by People Magazine and was named Sexiest Person in History by BBC news, and makes it to this list of ten most famous brunette actresses. Catch Angelina in the movies " The Bone Collector", "Gone in 60 Seconds", "Wanted", "Salt", and many more.
  2. Jennifer Garner – Jennifer is married to Ben Affleck and gained recognition on the TV series "Alias", but had been in movies including "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "Deconstructing Harry" before this. Also known for having her own psychotic stalker who was later sent to a mental hospital, Garner's lovely brunette locks and her amazing talent land her on this list of ten most famous brunette actresses.  
  3.  Jessica Alba – What mad doesn't know this name when he hears it? Generating media attention for her looks, and called a sex-symbol by many, Jessica has been on many lists for being sexy and desirable. Jessica began her career at the age of 13 and is still going strong. Alba's credits include the TV series "Dark Angel", and the movies "Fantastic Four", "Sin City", and "Good Luck Chuck". For these reasons and more Jessica makes it to this list of ten most famous brunette actresses.
  4. Penelope Cruz – Penelope has modeled for famous companies like Ralph Lauren and Mango, and is a beautiful, talented Spanish brunette actress. Men get fever just listening to her speak, and she has gained notoriety for her roles in works such as "Gothika" and "Vanilla Sky".
  5. Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer gained recognition during the 90's for her role as Rachel Green in the sitcom "Friends", but she didn't stop there. Jennifer has had multiple movie hits including "The Break Up", "Marley and Me", and "He's Just Not That Into You" just to name a few. Jennifer is undoubtedly one of the most famous brunette actresses of all time, just make sure you don't put her and Angelina in the same room together. 
  6. Megan Fox – This brunette bombshell is an actress and a model. Megan has starred  in movies such as "Transformers" and has guest appearances in "Two And A Half Men" and "What I like About You". Megan also appeared in the music video for Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie". Megan makes it to the list of ten most famous brunette actresses because she is not only famous, she is smoking hot.
  7. Katie Holmes – Married to Tom Cruise and popular because of her perceived innocence and sweetness, Katie makes it to this list of ten most famous brunette actresses. I hope the Church of Scientology agrees. 
  8. Julia Roberts – A list of ten most famous brunette actresses wouldn't be complete without Julia Roberts. Although perhaps a little older than some of the others on this list, Julia became a household name after her role in the movie "Pretty Woman" alongside Richard Gere. Julia has been in many movies since then, and still ranks high on men's list of sexiest women. 
  9. Eva Mendes – Starting her career in music videos and commercials and working her way to the big screen, Eva is on the list of most famous brunette actresses because she is tough and super sexy.  
  10. Ann Hathaway – Perhaps gaining most of her recognition from her role in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada", Ann is definitely a famous beautiful brunette actress with a smile no man can resist.
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