10 Most Famous Canadian Athletes

Who are the 10 most famous Canadian athletes? Canada has brought us a number of great athletes from a variety of sports. The best athletes not only win medals and trophies, they also get put in the public eye.  Here are 10 of the most famous Canadian athletes who have not only competed, but have also become spokespeople, politicians, and humanitarians.

  1. Cindy Klassen An olympic speed skater, Klassen is the only Canadian to win 5 medals in one Olympic Games. In 2006 she was given the Lou Marsh award for being an outstanding athlete. She is also pictured on 22 million Canadian quarters that were minted in honor of her 6 Olympic medals.
  2. Kurt Browning Browning is the first male figure skater to land a quadruple jump in competition. He is also a 4 time Canadian Championship winner and a 4 time World Championship gold medalist. He has also been inducted in to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, their Figure Skating Hall of Fame, and he has a star on Canada's Walk of Fame.
  3. Justin Morneau Born in British Columbia, Canada, Morneau currently plays first base for the Minnesota Twins, Morneau is a four time All Star, and an American League MVP. He has also recently become the spokesman for McDonalds and can be seen on their commercials.
  4. Wayne Gretzky You can't have a list of famous Canadian athletes without including Wayne Gretzky. He was born in Ontario Canada, and has been called the greatest hockey player to ever play in the NHL. His playing has earned him the nickname of The Great One.
  5. Steve Nash As a point guard for the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash is a two time MVP. His work as a humanitarian has also earned him a place on the list of 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.
  6. Bobby Orr A legend on the ice hockey rink, Bobby Orr is one of the best hockey players in history. He is now a successful agent and represents 33 players with his business partners.
  7. Ben Johnson Johnson Donovan, a sprinter, broke the world record for the 100 meter race, and then later broke his own record. He became infamous when he lost his titles as a result of using steroids.
  8. Mario Lemieux Now the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Lemieux had a hockey career that was filled with health problems. He overcame cancer and atrial fibrillation and still went on to win. He is the only hockey player to win a Stanley Cup as both a player and an owner.
  9. Mike Weir Wier is currently on tour with the PGA. Born in Ontario Canada he is one of the few left handed golfers on the tour, a habit that started when he was young and played hockey left handed.
  10. Nancy Greene Green is currently a Senator for British Columbia. As an alpine skier she has won Canadian, United States, and World Championships. Along with being voted into office, she was also voted Canada's Female Athlete of the 20th Century.
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