10 Most Famous Erotic Movies Ever

The 10 most famous erotic movies ever tend to deal with sex in very unusual and often disturbing situations – which caused these erotic movies to become famous to begin with. And in several cases, these erotic movies star famous actors performing the sexual acts – making the viewer almost feel like they are spying on people that they know having sex. If you aren't squeamish or easily embarrassed, try for a new movie-watching experience with the ten most famous erotic movies ever. 

  1. "Showgirls". This provocative, NC-17 rated film, starred Elizabeth Berkley from the TV show "Saved By the Bell" as a stripper turned showgirl in Las Vegas. The steamy display of nudity, and it's success in spite of it's NC-17 rating makes this the most famous erotic movie. 
  2. "Basic Instinct". When you have movie stars like Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone going at each other in sexual bliss, you have the makings of a very famous erotic movie. There is one particular bedroom scene that might melt your DVD player from all that heat. 
  3. "Henry and June". This famous erotic movie will go down in history as the first movie to ever be rated NC-17. Uma Thurman stars as a married bisexual, totally attracted to a female character portrayed by Maria de Medeiros. 
  4. "Wild Things". Matt Dillon plays a high school counselor being accused of raping students. Things get really crazy when the teenaged student that has accused him of rape is revealed to have quite the crush on him . 
  5. "Last Tango In Paris". This controversial film, starring Marlon Brandon, caused an uproar back in 1972. The intense display of violent sex pushed the strict boundaries of decency past their limits. 
  6. "Wild Orchid". Mickey Rourke has had a history of starring in many erotic films that have gone on to becoming famous for their cult followings, like "9 1/2 Weeks" and "Angel Heart." But "Wild Orchid" takes erotic movies to their extremes – Rourke even ended up marrying his co-star Carrie Otis years later. 
  7. "Eyes Wide Shut". This ended up being the legendary director Stanley Kubrick's last film, and starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as a married couple, during the time that they were a married couple in real life. Tom Cruise's character suspects that his wife has had an affair and enters a cult-ish world of masked orgies put on by seriously powerful people. 
  8. "Sex, Lies and Videotape". This 1989 independent film got it's director Steven Soderbergh's career off to a magnificent start – later directing the "Ocean 11" series, "Erin Brockovich", and "Traffic." This highly erotic movie featured James Spader as a manipulative sex addict. 
  9. "Lust, Caution". This famous Chinese erotic movie contained many scenes of graphic nudity and was rated NC-17 as well. It's director Ang Lee refused to re-edit the movie to attempt an R-rating. 
  10. "Boogie Nights". This often graphic, sometimes disturbing, glance at the porn industry during the 1970's and 1980's leaves a lasting impression long after it is over. Mark Wahlberg brings an unforgettable character to the screen, with his emotionally vulnerable porn star character Dirk Diggler.
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