10 Most Famous Female Athletes Ever

Female athletes have a reputation of not being as popular as male athletes, but below is a list of the ten most famous female athletes. They are beloved among many people, even if they don't get as big of a spotlight as the men.

  1. Mia Hamm- Mia Hamm has won gold medals, championships, and endorsements as an athlete can dream for. Mia played soccer and is the female version of David Beckham, and is an easy first choice for the ten most famous female athletes.
  2. Jennie Finch- Finch earned her reputation as one of the most famous female athletes by pitching for team USA in the summer Olympics. Jennie is possibly the greatest softball pitcher who has ever graced the mound, male or female.
  3. Billy Jean King– Billy Jean King rose to celebrity status in the 1960's and became a role model for all females across the United States. Earning a reputation for one of the nastiest serves, Billy Jean dominated the tennis courts.
  4. Lisa Leslie– There is nothing inferior about her talent on the basketball court. Lisa Leslie is the female version of Michael Jordan and gets just as much respect as him too. She has appeared as a cameo on many television programs and built her self a reputation as one of the most famous female athletes ever.
  5. Maria Sharapova- Maria has gained just as much attention for her amazing abilities on the tennis court as she has for her amazing looks. Sharapova was even invited to pose in an issue of the "Sport's Illustrated, Swimsuit issue".
  6. Michelle Wei- Michelle Wei gained much attention as being a golf prodigy and went pro at the young age of 16. Wei might not get the publicity of Tiger Woods but she is a national icon in her home country.
  7. Heather Mitts- Heather Mitts is another amazing female soccer player who currently plays for Philadelphia. She is famous for her her teamwork and ability to dribble the ball. Heather Mitts is in the elite in her respective sport.
  8. Marion Jones- Marion Jones can not seem to stay out of head lines. Unfortunately for her, it is not for a good thing all the time, but hey fame is fame, and Marion Jones is one of the most famous female athletes.
  9. Danica Patrick- You might recognize Danica as the official "Go Daddy" girl but she is known by her fans as that girl who can really race. Danica is the first girl to ever join Nascar and she is proving she belongs.
  10. Michelle Kwan- Michelle Kwan has done something no female has ever done. She has brought figure skating into the national spotlight, and because she was able to do it she is one of the most famous female athletes.

So there they are. The ten most famous female athletes. Some are known for good publicity, others are known for bad publicity, but in the end publicity is the one thing they all have in common.

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