10 Most Famous French Actresses

Top ten famous French actresses all have at least one thing in common, they’re all drop- dead gorgeous. They exhibit superb acting chops that can make you whimper like a little girl during a dramatic scene or have you clutch your armchair as you see their character in mortal danger. These fine French actresses embody star quality and a sexy accent that just make you want to kiss somebody.

  1. Audrey Tatou. Born in Beumont, France, Tatou hit the international spotlight with her quirky character in the French film, “Amélie.” This now world famous French actress went on to appear with Tom Hanks in the “Da Vinci Code” movies. She’s the top famous French actress on the movie meter.
  2. Marion Cotillard. Born in Paris, France Marion won an Oscar for her role in the film, “La Vie en Rose.” She’s the second actress in Academy Award history to win an Oscar for a non-English speaking part.
  3. Virginie Ledoyen. Born in Aubervilliers, France near Paris this French actress hit the big time when she starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Beach.” She’s a Cover Girl, she’s hot and out your league, dudes.
  4. Juliette Binoche. Born in Paris, France this actress won an Oscar for her supporting role in “The English Patient.” Not only a famous French star but also chosen by “People Magazine” as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.” Yes she is at that.
  5. Emmanuelle Béart. Born in Saint-Tropez, France this top ten French femme is best known for her role opposite Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible.” Emmanuelle posed nude on the cover of “Elle” French magazine at the age of 40. Famous, French and bold this actress is aging beautifully.
  6. Julie Delpy. Born in Paris, France this actress is not only an actress but screenwriter as well. Her stamp to fame came in her roles, “Before Sunset” and “Before Sunrise.” She shared a nomination as a screenwriter for the adaptation of “Before Sunrise.” Blonde, beautiful and intellectual this places her in the top ten French famous movie stars.
  7. Catherine Deneuve. Born in Paris, France this talented actress garnered the attention of American audiences when she was nominated for an Oscar in “Indochina.” She’s one of the France’s most famous actresses.
  8. Sophie Marceau. Born in Paris, France she’s landed a most coveted role as a Bond girl in “The World Is Not Enough.” This top ten French actress continues to work in both French and English speaking roles.
  9. Isabelle Adjani. Born in Paris, France nominated for two Oscars and holds 21 international awards. Adjani's not only a top ten French Actress but she one of the most accomplished, who also stars in English and German language films.
  10. Laetitia Casta. Born in Pont-Audemer, France she’s best known for her mini-series, “Blue Bicycle.” Did we forget to mention she’s also a Supermodel and posed on the cover of “Sport’s Illustrated” Swimsuit edition for three consecutive years.

These beautiful, talented top ten French actresses have all climbed to fame not only through their beauty but their amazing talents and stage presence. No doubt you’ll continue to see them in both French and English speaking films because men can’t get enough of their good looks and endearing accents.

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