10 Most Famous Gadgets

What are the ten most famous gadgets? We live in a technological world filled with famous gadgets. We are surrounded by certain little useful tools that many of us couldn't get along without. These famous gadgets make life slightly more simple to live. These famous gadgets make the world just that much more accessible. Look around you. They're everywhere. As our society continues to advance, many more gadgets will gain fame by being utilized by millions upon millions of people. So, what are they? What are our most famous gadgets? Lets check them out.

  1. The cell phone. This is easily the most famous gadget in todays world. They started out as cumbersome tools not worth the trouble to have. Over the years they have grown into little hand held computers. In fact they house many, if not all of the other famous gadgets we use daily.
  2. The GPS. Do you remember using maps to find your way. Or maybe you remember having to pull into a gas station to ask for directions. Well, not anymore. The GPS systems are designed to get you where you're going without the bothersome activity of fumbling around with maps or asking for directions.
  3. The MP3 player. No longer do we have to carry around a book of CDs. Or, for the older crowd, a deck of audio tapes. MP3 players allow us to carry thousands and thousands of songs in a box shaped device no bigger than a cell phone. Your favorite jams are readily accessible at the push of a button.
  4. The Handheld video game. These have been around for years, but every year, they take leaps and bounds in the improvement department. Handheld games today have the graphics and game play similar to the home systems. With thousands of titles to choose from for each handheld system, boredom on long road trips is a thing of the past.
  5. The portable DVD player. This is the cousin to the handheld video game. It's all about giving you at home entertainment when you're on the road. So, you can watch your favorite flick while stuck on a cross country bus ride. It should make sitting next to that psycho passenger a little more bearable.
  6. Wireless Broadband USB devices. All you business guys know what these are for. Your laptop is nothing more than an electronic typewriter in you can't get online. You can only get online with a wireless laptop if you can catch a signal Well the Wireless broadband devices bring you the signal. Every mobile phone company out there offers these things nowadays.
  7. Digital Cameras. Everyone's got one of these today. The can take pictures or double as a video camera. You don't have to worry about getting physical pictures developed because you can store the images on your laptop or home computer. You can share the files via the Internet. Isn't technology grand?
  8. The DVR. Back in the day, if you missed a show you'd have to get the updates at the water cooler in the morning. Not with this famous gadget. All you have to do is set the DVR to record what you want to see. They even have models that can record multiple shows at once and send them to the TV of your choice. You've seen the commercials with that funny guy.
  9. Blue Tooth headsets. Or, even blue tooth in general. Anything blue tooth capable is able to be wirelessly connected to another device. Think about it guys. You can talk to one girl on the blue tooth while texting another one on your next-gen cell phone with virtual QWERTY keyboard. Wow!
  10. Massage chairs. OK, OK, these may not be so cutting edge or even as famous as other gadgets. But, for those of you that own them, you know how much they rock. If you've had a bad day, you can't wait to jump in that chair while looking at your recorded DVR programs and texting on your brand new cell phone.
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