10 Most Famous German Athletes

Germany is a leading country for sports, but there are the 10 most famous German athletes that have succeeded more than others. These athletes worked hard to win and achieve greatness. They overcame obstacles that stood in their way and earned a right to be placed in the history books. Here is a list of the most famous German athletes.

  1. Franz Beckenbauer:  Beckenbauer is one of the most famous German football players. He began his career in 1964. He is known by the nickname “The Kaiser.” Beckenbauer led his team to three European Cups. He became the coach of Bayern Munich, the team he first started in as a player.
  2. Oliver Kahn: Oliver Kahn was a famous football goalie. He started his career in 1987 and later moved on to Bayern Munich. Mr. Kahn won several prestigious awards for his skill as a goalkeeper. After hundreds of games, he finally retired in 2008.
  3. Katarina Witt: This famous female German athlete won many medals, including the gold, as a figure skater. She brought beauty and class to the rink. Not only was she one of Germany's greatest female skaters, she also impressed the United States.
  4. Wolfgang Behrendt: This German boxer made his mark in 1956 at the Summer Olympics. He retired early in his career due to an injury.
  5. Max Baer: This famous boxer became a star in 1929. His strong shoulders and determination in the ring made him a fierce adversary. His punches were so devastating to opponents that he fatally hurt one. Deeply affected by this, Baer had nightmares. He ended his quest in the ring with 70 fantastic wins.  
  6. Boris Becker: Becker is one of the most famous German tennis stars in the world. At the age of 17, he won his first title at Wimbledon. He was also the youngest winner of the title. His serve is still one of the best in the game.
  7. Steffi Graf: Steffi Graf is the second greatest female German athletes on the list. She started playing the game of tennis at the tender age of 13. Her serve and forehand is one of the game’s best. Graf won over 20 Grand Slams during her career.
  8. Jurgen Klinnsman: Klinnsman is one of the best soccer players in Germany. He’s famous for numerous wins with Bayern Munich and Internazionale Milan. His career began at the age of 17 for the Stuttgarter Kickers. When he retired from the game, he began a second career as the manager of Germany’s national team.
  9. Dirk Nowitzi: Nowitzi is a famous basketball player. He is the second German player in the NBA. He plays for the Mavericks as a forward center.
  10. Honus Wagner: This German baseball player won the World Series in 1909. He’s also one of the first to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. His career spanned over 20 years.
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