10 Most Famous Japanese Actresses

These are the 10 most famous Japanese Actresses.  These actresses are Japanese beauties and are also very talented in the entertainment business. Japanese actresses are proud of their culture and ethnicity. These ten Japanese actresses are not just empty minded Asian beauties; they are the best of Japanese movie entertainment.

  1. Masami Nagasawa. Masami Nagasawa is a beautiful Japanese actress with tons of talent. She won won best New Comer Award in the 27thJapanese Academy Awards for her performance in "Robokon".
  2. Kyoko Fukada. Kyoko Fukada started her career on Japanese television.  She played in numerous television dramas establishing herself as an actress. Kyoko got her movie break in 1999 playing Kanae Sawaguchi in "Ring 2". She also played in Dolls in 2002. Kyoko Fukada is also known to the Japanese people as Fukakyon. She is also a singer and released her first album “Dear” in 1999.
  3. Rinko Kikuchi. Rinko Kikuchi was lucky enough to play in Japanese movies directed by famous Japanese directors. She played in the critically acclaimed movie "Sora No Ana". Rinko Kikuchi played a death girl in "Babe" in 2006. She was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress. Besides being beautiful, Rinko is a skilled sword fighter.
  4. Ryoko Hirosue. Ryoko Hirosue is a talented actress and singer. She has played on television commercials. She has played on television dramas. She has worked on numerous television dramas and movies.
  5. "Keiko Kitagawa". Keiko Kitagawa wanted to become a doctor. She was chosen as Ms. Teen in 2003 and modeled for the Japanese teen magazine Seventeen. Keiko played in "Sailor Moon". She played in numerous movies including two of the "Fast and Furious" movies. The entertainment world decided Keiko Kitagawa was too beautiful to become a doctor.
  6. Miho Nakayawa. Miho Nakayawa started her career as a singer. She released over 40 music albums and was a teen idol in Japan. Miho Nakayawa got her break in acting in movies. She played in the movie "Love Letter" and won numerous awards including the Blue Ribbon Awards.
  7. Meiko Kaji. Meiko Kaji played in four Prisoner "Scorpion prison" movies. In these movies Meiko played the character that was tortured by prison officials. She takes revenge by killing the prison officials.
  8. Nanako Matsushima. Nanako Matsushima is a beautiful Japanese model and actress. She played in drama TV series that became very popular. These series made Nanako the highest paid actress in Japan. Nanako is now advertising for "Wii Fit Plus" and has advertised "Super Mario Bros".
  9. Miyazawa Rie. Miyazawa Rie was the 80’s darling of Japanese media. She played in commercials. She played in Hollywood commercials with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Miyazawa became rich at an early age. She produced her own book with nude photos of herself and sold 1.5 million copies in three months.
  10. Fujiwara Norika. Fujiwara Norika is a Japanese beauty queen, model and actress. She was Ms. Japan in 1992. She was in numerous Japanese magazines and on television commercials. Her beautiful face was everywhere. 
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