10 Most Famous Male Athletes In 2010

The 10 most famous male athletes in 2010 includes golfers, baseball players, basketball stars and a boxer. These famous male athletes rank high in popularity, high earnings and press attention.

  1. Tiger Woods. This famed golfer was the number one among athletes for 2010 in terms of earnings. His estimated take for the year is $90.5 million in spite of his public scandal and being dropped by a few sponsors such as AT&T and Gatorade. His win of $10 million dollars at the FedEx Cup keeps him on top of earnings for athletes in 2010.
  2. Phil Mickelson. This fellow golfer was the second highest paid of athletes with a take of over $61 million dollars. He won the Masters in 2010 and was a spokesperson for Callaway.
  3. Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Pretty Boy Floyd”, the boxer, took the majority of his winnings in one bout with Shane Mosley where he won $40 million dollars including pay-per-view fees.
  4. LeBron James. One of the most sought after free agents decided to sign with the Miami Heat. He will join his Olympic teammates, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, to make for an intimidating trio of athletes.
  5. Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod has been one of baseball’s highest paid athletes for years but his batting average of over 600 may make him worth his pay. He may be hitting home runs off the field, too as he is seen with Cameron Diaz all over New York.  
  6. Shaquille O’Neal. The highest paid basketball player has decided to head to Boston and play for the Celtics next season. He has reportedly earned almost $300 million dollars in his legendary eighteen years on the pro basketball court and as one of the most famous male athletes off the court.
  7. Kobe Bryant. Bryant has reached the ranks of Michael Jordan, at least in terms of salary. His latest contract is $30 million. The only other basketball player to earn that in one season–Michael Jordan.
  8. Derek Jeter. Jeter, another Yankees star, finishes his ten year long contract this season. After playing his entire pro career with the Yankees and being an all-time hits leader among shortstops, it will be a surprise if he doesn’t re-sign with the Yankees.
  9. Peyton Manning. One of the best role models in sports, this quarterback doubled his football earnings with endorsements in 2010. It will be no surprise if even more endorsement deals for athletes come his way after Tiger’s fall from grace.
  10. Dwyane Wade. Soon to be Kobe Bryant's teammate in Miami, Wade is a star in his own right. Despite an intense custody battle for his children, his own court performance hasn’t suffered as he shot an average 26.6 points per game and maintained his status as one of the most famous male athletes.
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