10 Most Famous Mexican Actresses

The ten most famous Mexican actresses are a talented and beautiful bunch who do their (unfairly) maligned and mythical homeland proud. From shoot-em-ups to weepies to historical dramas to soap operas, these actresses have laid bare the full spectrum of human emotions, sometimes while laying bare the full fruits of their bosom.

  1. Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek is certainly the most famous Mexican actress in contemporary Hollywood. From her work in action extravaganzas like “Desperado,” comedies such as “Dogma,” artistic fair like “Frida,” and television’s “Ugly Betty,” which Hayek also produces, Salma displays both beauty and talent. A proud Mexican, Hayek certainly couldn’t begrudge our admiration of her chingon chichas estupendas.
  2. Dolores Del Rio. One of the ten most famous Mexican actresses, Dolores Del Rio was a prolific figure in the era of silent film. Nicknamed the Princess of Mexico, Del Rio was the first internationally successful Latin American film star. The dissolution of her turbulent romance with Orson Welles, coupled with her inability to find continued success in talkies because of her accent, precipitated Del Rio’s return to Mexico.
  3. Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda. More commonly known by her stage name, Thalía is a global superstar. The Queen of Soap Operas, Thalá’s immense success has earned her over 2000 awards in her career. Her soaps have been watched by billions of people in nearly 200 countries, and her infectious pop albums have sold millions of copies throughout the world.
  4. Adriana Barraza. Though you may not know her by name, Barraza is one of the most recognizable Mexican actresses for American audiences. The star has been nominated for a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, and an Oscar. Her performance as the Mexican nanny was a heart wrenching highlight of the otherwise deplorable “Babel.”
  5. Sara Garcia. Born in 1895, Garcia was old enough to play grandmothers during the infancy of the talkie industry in Mexico. Garcia is one of the most famous Mexican actresses in her homeland, where she’s known for playing tough but loving matriarch’s in a number of classic films and telenovelas.
  6. María Elena Velasco. María Elena Velasco has starred in more than twenty films in her native Mexico. As well as being a famous television comedian, Velasco is one of the few Mexican women who have made the successful transition to film directing. Known for both comedic and dramatic portrayals of the working classes, Velasco uses her art to humanize Mexico’s underprivileged class.
  7. Maite Perroni. Maite Perroni is a famous Mexican actress most well known for her sexually magnetic portrayal of a horny teen in Mexico’s version of "Gossip Girl." "Rebelde." After starring in a handful of popular television melodramas, Perroni made the transition to pop stardom with the Latin Grammy nominated group RBD. Maite is also generous with her compact figure, having appeared in Mexican men’s magazine "H" with most of her clothes discarded.
  8. Laura Zapata. Zapata is a Mexican soap star who has spent most of her life on telenovelas. The actress, who is Thalía’s half sister, is famous as much for her 2002 kidnapping and she is her televised ubiquity. Though it was expected that those who made off with Zapata and her sister would attempt to extract millions from Thalía’s husband, Tommy Mottola, they were released without injury not long after vanishing.
  9. Lumi Cavazos. Cavazos has appeared in countless Mexican films, though is most well known for her romantic and sexually liberated turn in “Like Water for Chocolate.” For pervs who are searching this list for smoking Latin ladies (and we’ll certainly drink to that), Cavazos had more than talent on display in Chocolate: her bush and tatas make an appearance.
  10. Ninel Herrera Conde. Another Rebelde alum, Conde is a Mexican actress more famous for her modeling talent than acting prowess. She strikes quite the figure before the camera, from her long flowing mane and chest bazookas to ripped and cut stomach and ass.
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