10 Most Famous People In Playboy

Playboy, the monthly men's magazine created by Hugh Hefner, has showcased several well-known stars and here you'll find the 10 most famous people in Playboy. Over the years the popular magazine managed to feature countless actors, singers, athletes, reality stars and models since its first edition in December 1953. Famous people in Playboy tend to have tamer pictorials than other playmates, but that has not stopped those issues from becoming bestsellers.

  1. Marilyn Monroe. The first issue of Playboy magazine was published December 1953 and featured iconic star Marilyn Monroe on the cover and as the centerfold. The photographs were taken in 1949 by Tom Kelley and used in a calendar before Hugh Hefner purchased one to use as the centerfold. In 2007, the magazine sold 20,000 replica copies priced at twenty-five dollars each.
  2. Charlize Theron. The May 1999 issue of Playboy featured nude pictures of the famous, Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron without her permission. The nude photo's were sold to the magazine by photographer Guido Argentini who Theron later sued. The edition came out when her film career was on the rise from roles in The "Devil's Advocate", and "The Astronaut's Wife". 
  3. Madonna. In 1979, photographer Martin Schreiber took nude pictures of a, then unknown, Madonna and he sold the pictures to Playboy in 1985 when her career was taking off. The magazine used the photos for their September 1985 issue with the cover quote stating, "Madonna nude unlike a virgin…for the very first time".
  4. Sharon Stone. Prior to Stone's famous interrogation room scene in "Basic Instinct", she posed for the July 1990 cover of Playboy. Stone also posed for the December 1992 cover at the age of 32.
  5. Drew Barrymore. The January 1995 issue of Playboy, with then twenty year old actress Drew Barrymore on the cover, has become one of the best selling editions to date.
  6. Cindy Crawford. Before famous fashion model Cindy Crawford became a supermodel, she posed for Playboy in 1988. Her long lasting modeling career parlayed into endorsements, television shows, and her own cosmetic line. In 1998, Crawford once again posed for Playboy to mark the ten year anniversary of her first appearance in the magazine.
  7. Pamela Anderson. Holding a record number of 12 Playboy covers, Pam Anderson got her start in Hollywood in this famous men's magazine. Her first cover in October 1989 led her to become February 1990's Playmate of the Month. The famous sex symbol's August 1993 cover featured Anderson posing with actor Dan Aykroyd as Beldar Conehead, his character from the movie Conehead. Her other covers include February 1991, July 1992, November 1994, January 1996, September 1997, June 1998, February 1999, July 2001, May 2004, and January 2007.
  8. Goldie Hawn. The January 1985 issue of Playboy has Academy Award winning actress Goldie Hawn on the cover posed in a large martini glass wearing a white coat tail shirt, fishnet stockings and red heels. The famous actress was 39 years old when she posed for the cover, which showed older women can still be sex symbols when it became one of the best selling issues.
  9. Kim Kardashian. Kim used her "celebutante" status to launch a famous modeling and television career which led into a perfume line, work-out DVD and Shoedazzle endorsement. Kim's entire December 2007 Playboy cover journey was shown on her famous reality television show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".
  10. Brooke Burke. Model-turned-television host Brooke Burke posed nude for Playboy in the May 2001 and November 2004 issues. Her fame increased when she became the seventh winner of "Dancing with the Stars" which led to her co-hosting the famous program in 2010.


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