10 Most Famous People Who Smoke

Amidst the current trend against smoking, the 10 most famous people who smoke continue to light up. Although it is difficult to be absolutely certain, the paparazzi have caught these famous people who smoke, puffing a chimney on camera.

  1. Jennifer Aniston. Those close to her claim that she has quit this nasty habit. Some, on the other hand, say that she still goes for the occasional smoke. True or not, “friends” should not let “friends” smoke.

  2. Simon Cowell. The erstwhile American Idol judge, is a self-confessed cigarette lover. With the smoking ban firmly in-force in the UK, the 700th richest man in Britain is not happy. He continues to smoke in all the wrong places and probably doesn't mind paying the fine.

  3. Johnny Depp. The mercurial actor has been photographed numerous times with a cancer stick between his fingers. His multitude of fans don't care. The legions of adoring women don't care. The legions of adoring men don't care.

  4. Sean Penn. The former Hollywood bad boy still has what it takes. During a press conference in Cannes early 2008, Penn started a mini-revolt against France's draconian anti-smoking laws. In typical Penn style, he coolly lit up a smoke while answering questions from reporters. Inspired and emboldened by Penn's actions, several Cannes Film Festival personalities followed suit.

  5. King Hussein of Jordan. I'll bet anyone a billion dollars there won't be any real anti-smoking laws implemented in this Middle Eastern country anytime soon.

  6. Eddie Van Halen. Wow. Who would have thought the this rock star legend would be on any list of famous people who smoke? Anyway, who remembers the band's 1984 album cover with the cherub smoking a pack of Pall Mall?

  7. Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy made it clear that he no longer smokes. Reports do say that he does indulge in a cigarette every now and then. Live long and prosper.

  8. Drew Barrymore. Another surprising entry among famous people who smoke. Whoever said a smoker's lips aren't so kissable?

  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger. No wimpy cigarettes for this man-mountain Republican. The governor says that he started smoking real cigars way back in 1977. He is a big aficionado of Cuban tobacco (which is illegal to purchase or own one in the United States) but after entering politics he says he only now enjoys one once in a while when he “gets them as gifts”whenever he travels overseas.

  10. President Obama. The president himself admits that he although he once peaked at seven or eight cigarettes a day, he has slowed down but hasn't completely kicked the habit. So far though, no known photograph of him exists showing him smoking as president. If you hang around outside the gates long enough, you may catch a glimpse of President Obama suck on a Marlboro while hanging out in the White House balcony just chilling.

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