10 Most Famous Rap Artists

The 10 most famous rap artists has a special spark to them, which separate them from the rest. Many of these men are household names, some controversial, others are not but they have one thing in common, these rappers have a signature styles no one else can replace.

  1. Snoop Dogg- Since his 1993 classic album, "Doggystyle" Snoop Dogg since labeled one of the smoothest, coolest famous rap artists. Famous for his ending his words with the catchphrase "nizzle" and pimping talent which he learned from one of pimping greats, Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, Snoop Dogg still keep things pimping which no other rapper can top.
  2. 50 Cent– A prodigy of Eminem known for dogging out other rap artists in his songs and creating beefs, 50 Cent took the hip-hop world by storm with his first single, "Wanksta." Since then he became a businessperson marketing his energy drink, “Formula 50”, and even dabble with a little bit of acting.
  3. Jay-Z– "HOVA" also known as Jay-Z is one of the top rap artist in the entertainment industry. The man is one top of his game with back-to-back hit CDs, married to one of the hottest singers on the planet Beyonce, and show true entrepreneurship owning the Rocawear clothing line and CEO of Rocafella records.
  4. Notorious B.I.G– Since his premature death and short career, Notorious B.I.G left an incredible remark in the music industry and still hot competition with newer rap artists in terms of his lyrical flow. He always remains one of the greats and fans will forever imagine how his rap career could take him to a new level of stardom.
  5. LL Cool J– A career that spans over 20 years, LL Cool J, is doing something right, including keep the women screaming for him. LL Cool J came a long way as his days as a rapper as he transited perfectly into Hollywood, with his successful 90s TV show, "In the House" and a movie actor as well. He is certainly one of the best rap artists and remains so forever.
  6. Ice Cube- Similar to LL Cool J, Ice Cube kicked off his career as a gangster rap artist, including the former member of the controversial rap group, NWA. Once he left the group, Ice Cube became one of the most successful rap artists of the 90s, including an actor, known for his lead roles in the "Friday" movie series.
  7. Lil Wayne– Lil’ Wayne begun his rap career in his teens as part of the 90s “Hot Boys” group, includes fellow rap artists, Juvenile, Turk, and Baby Gangsta. Soon after, he released his solo album that went platinum and continued to taste success with the fourth album, “Tha Carter.” Despite his natural talent as a rapper, the use of auto tune (revived by T-Pain) even further his rap career tremendously.
  8. Eminem– If anyone wants to listen to a funny rap song accompanied with a hilarious music video, Eminem is the man to see. His criticism for 'lame singers' and great lyricism ability landed him as one of the best rap artists of all time. Now Emimen has gotten older, dissing others artist has died down and now him taken a more serious approach to his music. Nevertheless, Eminem always get respect and love from fans everywhere.
  9. Kanye West- To hear the latest rants and criticism in entertainment industry, Kayne West is the man to see. Before he became the media's favorite darling to attack, West started off as a successful music producer at Jay-Z's Rocafella label and continued to be one of the best producers and artist in the rap arena to date.
  10. Tupac Shukar– A poet, lyricist, and actor, Tupac was a triple threat in the rap game and it is difficult to find someone who can rival currently the late rapper. Many young famous rap artists continue to be heavily influenced by his music Tupac always brought something different in his music career songs from going from hardcore gangster in his lyics to inspiring.
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