10 Most Famous Rock Musicians Ever

Taking a look at the 10 most famous rock musicians ever is a tricky task. There’s no way you can include every single famous rock artist that’s worthy of such a statement. Also, there’s the issue of disagreement over who belongs on the list and who doesn’t. Just because one of these artists wasn’t the best when it came to music, doesn’t mean they weren’t famous. Despite these issues, let’s try and battle through rock history to determine the ten most famous rock musicians ever.

  1. Kurt Cobain Cobain’s status as a famous rock musician was well-established before his controversial death/suicide in 1994. Nirvana had a wide following in the grunge scene. Cobain was the focal point of the band and has continued to grown in fame after his death.
  2. Axle Rose Rose’s fame began with the inception of Guns N' Roses during the late '80s. His fame as a musician grew as he fought with fellow band members over the direction of the band. After Slash and other members left Guns N' Roses, Axle took full control of “his band.” He’s recently attempted to resurrect GnR by releasing new material.
  3. Steven Tyler Tyler is known both for his music with Aerosmith and his involvement in modern pop-culture. Besides being the vocal leader of Aerosmith, he’s also written emotional ballads for movies his daughter has appeared in. Unlike other famous musicians, Tyler is viewed in a more positive light for his music and actions off the stage, but he’s also dealt with addiction and controversy.
  4. Ozzy Osborne Osborne’s fame as a solo artist and vocalist of Black Sabbath may not compare to his fame off the stage. Osborne is well-known for his hit sitcom and movie appearances. On the stage he’s known for some of his more controversial performances (like the time he bit a real bat’s head off). Osborne continues to produce music with fellow supporting artists.
  5. Gene Simmons Until recently, Simmons was best known for his fame on the stage as a leading member of the hit '70s rock band Kiss. Recently, Simmons has made appearances on "The Apprentice" and has regular appearances on television with his show and Kiss commercials for Dr. Pepper. While some may not get past seeing Simmons in full stage make up, his fame has grown to include the board room.
  6. Mick Jagger Jagger is best known for his role as lead singer of the popular rock band The Rolling Stones. He’s also known for his love/hate relationship with fellow band member Keith Richards. Jagger is an icon in modern pop culture for both his role as the Stones’ vocalist and his work in acting.
  7. Bono During the late '80s, Bono was best known as the vocalist of hit punk/rock band U2. Recently, Bono has made strives to help others in the world community who aren’t as fortunate as him. Bono is best known for donating time, effort and money to charitable organizations and causes that he believes in.
  8. Sammy Hagar Hagar is famous for his short-lived role as lead singer of the hit '80s rock band Van Halen. After his controversial split with the band, Van Halen was never quite the same. Hagar went on to continue to produce relevant music after the split. Hagar is also famous for his restaurant brand and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.
  9. Jimi Hendrix Hendrix’s fame grew after his death in the early '70s. He was one of, if not, the best guitarists of all time. While his musical career may have been short-lived, he is still held in high regard by most rock musicians. His fame has only grown in death. Hendrix has also been covered and emulated by many of today’s most popular artists.
  10. Angus Young Young is one of the most famous guitarists of all time with his role in AC/DC. He’s respected both for his ability and his stage antics. Young is a true entertainer who thrives off the energy of the crowd and his performance. He continues to produce music to this day with AC/DC.
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