10 Most Famous Rock Songs

The legends of rock are well known to listeners around the globe, but there are ten most famous rock songs that transcend all! Rock has shaped society and popular culture since it came out of the United States and the blues movement that carried it out of the 1950’s. 

Artists have embarked on musical journeys of rebellion, freedom, peace and war, and they have harnessed these themes to bring about some of the most skull shaking, brain mesmerizing and hair raising rock tunes! The very best of rock music has become so popular and so famous that there is a religious-like power given to the particular songs.

Too many look to academically create the ten most famous rock songs, but here are the opinions taken from a fan and musician point of view.  Enjoy!

  1. “Imagine” by John Lennon is an incredibly powerful and moving song that remains a radio mainstay. Though it is a softer rock song, the guitar, voice and messages of a world living to seize the day and imagine is sincere and remarkably sharp.
  2. “Hotel California” is an epic! The Eagle’s brilliant song is one of the great triumphs of rock & roll songwriting, and the fact that so many guitars were woven together so well makes this a hugely popular number to this day.
  3. Jimi Hendrix plays “All Along the Watchtower” and the musical god creates one of the nastiest guitar blasts of power ever recorded! This Bob Dylan tune took on a life of mythical proportions, as Jimi’s guitar (and version) brought out the story as no one else could.
  4. “Roxanne” is the most well known of the Police’s many #1 Hits. Fusing rock, reggae, punk, blues and pop, the Police popularized this great song amongst rock and pop lover alike.
  5. “Layla” is the trademark of Eric Clapton. The British blues-rock guitar god wrote the song while in the band Derek and the Dominoes, and it has become a staple of rock and roll across the world.
  6. “Johnny B. Goode” is one of the earliest and most recognizable rock songs. Chuck Berry helped to create the genre with this song and it still moves the blood when heard on the radio today.
  7. “Satisfaction” has possibly the most recognizable rock and roll guitar riff of all time. The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards provided the pivotal guitar part and the lyrics scream at not being able to get satisfaction from the ladies.
  8. “A Day In The Life” is the one showing of the Beatles here, though they could easily have had most of the top ten spots. The most popular rock band in history literally became one of the founders for early and modern rock and roll. This powerful tune is everywhere!
  9. “Like A Rolling Stone” is the song that marked the end of the two and a half minute radio limitation. This great ballad screams and roars at a time when no one thought rock could be so bold. Bob Dylan wrote and sang this gem of popular culture.
  10. “Stairway To Heaven” is the ballad to end all rock ballads. Though it should come as no surprise that this Led Zeppelin tune is the most popular rock song of all time, listening to it will always remind a listener why that is! The building story, music and amazing crescendo take any listener and bring them on a thrill ride!
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