10 Most Famous Sports Stars

The 10 most famous sports stars are considered household names. Even if you do not watch a particular sport, such as golf or basketball, you may still recognize the name of these most famous sport celebrities. They have broken records, made history and are considered legendary athletes even if they’re still active at their game.

  1. Michael Jordan – Basketball. He is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. If you don’t know him by his game, his face then, familiar to you from all his television commercial endorsements which range from energy drinks to his own line of tennis shoes. The best of the best, Michael is of the ten most famous sport stars.
  2. Tiger Woods – Golf. He raised golf to a whole new level of popularity and made it cool for everyone to play, not just the elite. He, too, is another star who has had so many commercials that just about every one household knows his name.
  3. Wayne Gretzky – Hockey. He has 894 career goals and 1,963 career assists and is considered the greatest hockey player ever to hit the ice. As a top ten most famous sport star he was a role model on and off the ice.
  4. Lance Armstrong – Cycling. Winner of seven Tour De France titles, he is known as the best cyclist in the world. His fight with cancer also bought him a newfound fame for those struggling with this disease.
  5. Danica Patrick – NASCAR. She made history as the first female racer to win a NASCAR race. But that’s not only what makes her a ten most famous sports stars for she has many endorsements, she models and is drop-dead gorgeous.
  6. Kobe Bryant – Basketball. He is thought to be one the NBA’s number one players in NBA history and walking in the path of Jordan as the top player of all time. This top ten most famous sport star holds the top selling jersey in the NBA.
  7. David Beckham – Soccer. Internationally known as the most famous soccer player in the world, this ten most famous sport star has the whole package. He’s the best in his game, has married a pop star, and has several endorsements that keep his print ads in the public’s eye.
  8. Michael Phelps – Olympian. Fresh after the Olympics held in Beijing, Michael made a household name for himself. As a 10 famous sport star, he won eight gold medals and broke records that may never again find a challenger. Legendary!
  9. Rodger Federer – Tennis. His face is splattered across print ads and commercials. One of the ten most famous sports stars you may never have watched play tennis, but certainly seen on many television commercials as well.
  10. Alex Rodriguez – Baseball. Nicknamed "A-Rod", this ten famous sport star has not only won a world series but has dated rock stars and movie stars. If you’ve never seen him on the baseball field then you’ve seen him in gossip columns playing the field with the hottest female celebrities around.
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