10 Most Insane Soccer Goals

The ten most insane soccer goals are the ones still talked about in the pubs of London, cafe's of Paris and biergartens of Germany. Some of them were spectacular while others were simply outrageous but they were all insane goals.

  1. Roberto Carlos for Brazil v France, 3 June 1997. Brazil was involved in a pre-world cup showcase called Le Tournoi when Roberto Carlos scored one of the most insane soccer goals ever. The Brazilian defender's free kick swerved one way then the other and finally into the net.
  2. Diego Maradona for Argentina v England, 22 June 1986. Passions were running high before the match up between two countries who had been at war just five years before hand. They ran even higher after Maradona punched the ball with his hand into the net. The highly illegal and insane goal was allowed to stand by the shady referee, and Argentina won the game.
  3. Thierry Henry for France v Ireland, 19 November 2009. Thierry Henry has scored some great soccer goals but during extra time in a World Cup playoff match, the ball bounced out of leg reach and looked set to go out of bounds. Thierry stopped it with his hand, pushed it towards his foot and kicked it in to the net. The referee claimed ignorance and allowed the insane goal.
  4. Roger Milla for versus Cameroon v Colombia, 23 June 1990. Roger Milla was hovering around the center line when Colombian keeper Higuita decided to stroll down the field with the ball and give a demonstration of ball juggling. Sadly he lost control and Milla found himself with the ball facing an unguarded goal, and he doesn't miss many soccer goals.
  5. Steve Ogrizovic for Coventry v Sheff, 12 October 1986. Oggy as he was known, was employed by Coventry to stop goals, not score them, but he didn't care. The keeper took a goal kick and blasted the ball as high as he could down field. The other keeper wasn't paying attention and the ball drifted over his head and into the net to make one of the ten most insane soccer goals ever.
  6. Jimmy Glass for Carlisle v Plymouth, 8 May 1999. Carlisle were bottom of the league and facing relegation with 10 seconds left in the last game of the season when they earned a corner. Veteran keeper Glass ran up field to see the action, and from the resulting corner the ball bounced its way in and he scored an insane goal just seconds before the end of the match.
  7. Lionel Messi for Barcelona v Español, 9 June 2007. Many people have compared Messi to Maradona and he decided to emulate his compatriot during a highly charged derby between Barcelona and Español. The ball came his way, and lacking height, Messi reached up and punched it into the net. Insane goal? No problem. The referee thought he headed it and it was allowed to win the game.  
  8. Peter Enckelman for Aston Villa v Birmigham, 17 September 2002. Another highly charged local derby was settled by one of the ten most insane soccer goals thanks to errant Villa keeper Enckelman. Mellberg took a throw in for Villa and threw it back to the keeper who nonchalantly stuck out a foot to control it but things did not go to plan as the ball bounced off the top of his foot and into his own goal.
  9. Lee Dixon for Arsenal v Coventry, 7 September 1991. Defender Lee Dixon rarely scored and always seemed an unlikely person to feature in a list of ten soccer goals until an odd day in 1999. Dixon had the ball in his own half and in an attempt to waste time he chipped it back to his keeper. Sadly the keeper was not looking and it swerved over his head and into the net.
  10. Robert Green for England v U.S.A., 10 June 2010. Clint Dempsey qualifies for the list of ten most insane soccer goals courtesy of a helping hand from Robert Green. Green went to pick up Dempseys weak shot, dropped it and saw the ball roll into the net.
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