10 Most Intimate Relationship Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

There are a lot of things that pass through a guys mind when he is with a hot girlfriend and the 10 most intimate relationship questions are among the most difficult to ask and answer. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that the most intimate things are the hardest to bring up but if you want to know what goes on in your girlfriends head try asking her these 10 intimate questions. 

  1. "Do you really love me?" Ask it in serious way during a tender moment and see what she says. If she avoids eye contact then you have your answer to this particular intimate relationship question. 
  2. "How many men have you had sex with ?" It is probably best to ask this intimate relationship question of your girlfriend during sex because she might get turned on as she tells you. If you ask her any other time you might get a slap.  
  3. "Do you want to have kids one day?" This is an important intimate question to ask your girlfriend if you plan on making this a long term thing. If she says "never" and suggests hat she is a free spirit then it's time to move on. 
  4. "Can you see yourself having kids with me ?" A follow up to the last question if your girlfriend gave the right response to that one. Some girls may say yes just to be polite but if they look downwards as they say it then they are lying.
  5. "What is your favorite sex fantasy?" This question allows you to get some ideas for foreplay and to get an insight into her mind. It is best to ask this when in bed rather than over dinner. 
  6. "Do you still think about your ex?" Many women spend time thinking about their ex and never really get over it. It is better to find out now than on your wedding day so ask her this intimate question and you will be in no doubt. 
  7. "When did you first want to date me?" Find out if she fell for you at the same time you fell for her. This is a fun but intimate question and it allows you to reflect on how you both came to be together. 
  8. "What is your favorite sex position?" If you prefer the missionary, she may be laying back and thinking of her country without enjoying a moment of it. Find out what she wants from sex and the only way to do that is by asking her this intimate question. 
  9. "Do you want to have a threesome?" Not the best idea to ask this relationship question of your girlfriend during a first date but if you want to jazz things up you may as well throw it out there. This also gives her a chance to spill the beans. 
  10. "Do you have a favorite sex toy?" This question is all about her needs. Your girlfriend may blush but this is a relationship question that need to be asked and preferably in an intimate setting.
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