10 Most Popular Asian Models

Counting down the 10 most popular Asian models isn't a very difficult task. In reality, it's less about looking at who has the most fan exposure and more about who draws in the most fans. The following ladies have international appeal as well as many domestic followers, making them true human phenomena. If you're ready to see some beautiful women, here are the most popular Asian models ever.

  1. Maria Ozawa With her milky white skin, huge eyes and amazing breasts, it's easy to see why Maria is one of the most popular Asian models. This half-Japanese half-French Canadian AV model is already well-established within the Japanese adult entertainment industry, but rumor has it that she's trying to extend her reach to places abroad. Finally, we'll be able to see her without all of that annoying censorship.
  2. Maggie Q Known nowadays for her movie roles than anything else, this svelte beauty was a very popular Asian model, especially in Hong Kong. She furthered her career by appearing in such movies like "Rush Hour 2" and "Balls of Fury." Though her body is more muscular than anything else, her hotness cannot be denied.
  3. Grace Park Besides having one of the best bodies on this list, this Korean beauty is one of the most popular Asian models who appeals to sci-fi buffs. Her role on the celebrated "Battlestar Galactica" has solidified her as a nerd goddess. Her photo shoots with "FHM" and "Maxim" didn't really hurt things either.
  4. Nonami Takizawa This buxom Japanese hottie stands at just 5'0" but is still one of the most celebrated models in her home country. Her small eyes give her an overall cute appearance, but her curvaceous body simply oozes sex appeal. She's appeared on a number of Japanese television shows, including "Waterboys."
  5. Hyori Lee This gorgeous Korean lady is one of the most popular Asian models in the entire world. Known less for her work in the magazines, she's currently one of the most famous pop stars in all of Asia. Her tunes repeatedly top the charts in radio stations across South Korea and beyond.
  6. Tila Nguyen Known more by her stage name "Tila Tequila," she's one of the most popular Asian models for getting her start on MySpace. From there, it was a short-lived music career and a stint on reality TV before she became one of the paparazzi's favorite targets. She's best known for her hyper sexual behavior and constantly pushing the envelope with her various photo shoots.
  7. Natasha Yi This Korean beauty has quite a resume behind her. Her movie credits include "Cradle 2 the Grave" and "The Rundown." Furthermore, she's the only Asian model to ever be featured on the famous game show "The Price Is Right."
  8. Aki Hoshino One of the most celebrated gravure models in Japan, she's been known to having one of the widest fan-bases in the entire country. Her pouty lips, slim figure and enormous breasts have been featured in a number of photo books and DVDs. Best of all, she doesn't look at day over twenty, despite being over 30-years-old.
  9. Kimberly Ann One of the hottest up and coming models on the import scene, this half-Korean half-Caucasian mix has a certain beauty that is irrefutable. Not only does she model at a plethora of amateur car shows, but she's been known to spend a lot of time go-go dancing as well. With a schedule like that, it's easy to see why she's quickly becoming one of the most popular Asian models.
  10. Misa Campo This Canadian-born, half-Dutch half-Filipino woman has, without a doubt, of the best bodies we've ever seen on an Asian model. Curvy hips, perfect breasts and angular facial features all make her the mold from which all women should be cut. She's also got a cute Canadian accent, which makes her all the more irresistible. More famous in the import scene, she's becoming steadily more popular by modeling for magazines like "FHM" and "Maxim."
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