10 Most Popular Club Songs

Here are the ten most popular club songs according the Billboard Magazine. The weekly national survey ranks these hot dance numbers as the most popular songs reported by night club DJs across the United States. For an overview of the current hottest dance music and club songs, read on.

  1. “Beautiful Monster.” “Beautiful Monster” by Ne-Yo is one of the number one dance club songs. Ne-Yo is an American singer whose vocal style is often compared to Michael Jackson’s. He is known for Europop and electronica dance music.
  2. “You Lost Me.” Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” is a close second. The American singing sensation sang the pop ballad numerous times before releasing it. One of her pre-release performances took place on the “American Idol” stage in May 2010.
  3. “One (Your Name).” “One (Your Name)” is another of the most popular club songs. Performed by Swedish House Mafia, the song was described in British media as “a booming electro-housy club banger.” It features the American hip-hop artist, Pharrell.
  4. “Body Shots.” “Body Shots,” by Kaci Battaglia, is number four on the list. Kaci is a singer, dancer and professional kickboxing instructor. Her hot dance number features Ludacris, a popular American rapper.
  5. “Teenage Dream.” Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” completes the top five most popular club songs. The song is mid-tempo pop with a strong beat and retro sound.
  6. “Round and Round.” “Round and Round,” by Selena Gomez and The Scene, also makes the list. The popular song is disco-influenced electro-pop with a great dance vibe and a light rock edge.
  7. “Could You Believe.” “Could You Believe” is another well-known club song by Andre Tanneberger, better known as ATB. ATB is a German singer, DJ and producer of electronic dance music.
  8. “Dynamite.” The UK native Taio Cruz song, “Dynamite,” ranks number eight. According to Cruz, the song is about a dance club or party and the feeling you get, like you’re “just gonna explode.”
  9. “Fuerta.” Nelly Furtado is a Portuguese-Canadian singer, whose “Fuerta” is also known as the summer club single from one of her albums. It features the popular Spanish singer, Concha Buika.
  10. “Wouldnit (I’m A Star).” Rounding out the top ten most popular club songs is a song by Ono called, “Wouldnit (I’m A Star).” The song, a “dance floor juggernaut,” comes from Yoko Ono’s highly-acclaimed remix series.
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