10 Most Popular Free Cell Phone Apps

Cell phones are increasingly becoming about more than just talking and texting, and looking at these 10 most popular free cell phone apps proves this. There are a plethora of apps available for smart phones, and the free ones frequently are just as good as any others available. No matter what you are interested in, there truly is an app for that.

  1. AP Mobile. This free cell phone app delivers Associated Press headlines right to your phone. Stay up-to-date with all of the latest news. You can also personalize the kind of news you get for the ultimate customization.
  2. eBay Mobile. Perfect for the eBay addict, this app lets you bid, search and check on your bids so you never miss the perfect sale. You will definitely have an advantage when you can stay connected to the site all the time.
  3. Epicurious. This app is essential for everyone who loves food, which, let's face it, means everyone. With this app you can convert recipes to shopping lists, so there are never any more last-minute grocery runs in the middle of cooking. There are over 100,000 recipes to flip through, and the option to turn them into a paginated book.
  4. Free Spanish Tutor. With flashcards and quizzes, you can learn a new language in a heartbeat. This app gives you basic words and phrases and is perfect for someone who needs a refresher or just wants to learn the basics.
  5. Free Wi-Fi Finder. This free cell phone app does what it says by finding the Wi-Fi networks near you. Absolutely perfect for the person who has to be connected everywhere they are.
  6. Facebook. Available on the BlackBerry, this app lets you stay connected to your Facebook page and update wherever you are. Just about every feature of Facebook can be accessed, from tagging and editing pictures to updating your status and commenting on walls.
  7. Google Maps. Another Blackberry app, this time for the traveler who hates to get lost. This free navigation even allows you to see where your friends are on the map, and provides traffic updates so you can always avoid rush hour.
  8. Google Sky Map. This free cell phone app is for the Android phone. It syncs your location from the cell phone's GPS system and gives you a map of the sky from the point where you are standing. It highlights constellations, planets, and other fun astronomical points, and can even be educational.
  9. Pandora Radio. Pandora is one of the best free music websites, and is perfect for your Android phone. Create your own playlists and Pandora will find songs geared to it, giving you old favorites and new treasures.
  10. Photoshop.com Mobile. This app is perfect for the photographer. Simply pick a photo from your cell phone and this app lets you crop, rotate, and edit to your heart's content.
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