10 Most Popular PC Games

If you enjoy gaming on your PC, the following is a list of the ten most popular PC games of all time. It can be difficult to know which games are worth purchasing. A collective of PC gamers have answered this question for you by rating the best and most addictive PC games out.

  1. "World of Warcraft": "World of Warfcraft" or "WOW" is an interactive role playing game for your PC; you can interact with people from around the world and build armies together or go stag on missions. Destroy villages and landscapes as you terrorize opposing towns. There are two factions: The Alliance and The Horde, both of which have their own various races and starting points.
  2. "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas": This game is filled with single player action as you drive through the streets of San Andreas creating crime and stealing cars. There are endless crimes you can commit, from crashing and running over people to graffiti. This fast paced thrill ride is a great game to play.
  3. "Sims 3": Create your own world and characters filled with new and fun activities better then the first two "Sim" games. The limitations are endless in the creations of town, houses and people. Your characters can even interact and start families.
  4. "Dragon Age Origins": A role playing game that is set in a fantasy world with plenty of one on one action and adventure. The character is fighting from a first person perspective and comes in contact with a few close calls on the mission to defeat the dragon.
  5. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare": You are on a mission set in WW2 shooting at enemies through a realistic view of the war grounds. This game is an excellent interaction game if you want to get the feel for a real battlefield.
  6. "Battlefield Bad Company": This sets you in the line of air, land and sea attacks simulated for real battle experience. You're thrown into the middle of play right out of the gate with little break for storyline, but the action is fantastic.
  7. "War Hammer: Age of Reckoning": Fighting and defending strategies are your goals as you battle with your opponent across a role playing field. Create your own characters based on the war hammer role playing series. Launch a campaign with others over the internet.
  8. "Left For Dead 2": This is one of the best zombie killer games full of new ways to kill a zombie. The characters and gore realism is great and the imaginative weapons add to the fun of this game.
  9. "Need For Speed: World Exclusive Starter Pack": The best game for speed addicts out there, this gives you access to customize your vehicles and put them to the test. Obstacle courses are set around beautiful scenery of country side or city. May the best man or woman win!
  10. "Mass Effect 2": The alien species are very imaginative and make you think about your own life on this planet. Finding the right imaginative method of killing the aliens is half the fun of game.



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