10 Most Stupid Songs Ever

Over the last few decades some of the stupidest songs were released and despite the weirdness of the titles or the lyrics, these stupid song became some of the most popular songs in our culture.

  1. "Macarena" This Spanish song, named for a woman, made popular in 1995 is a cult song. It has its own dance to go with it and gets played at weddings, dances and any large gathering.
  2. "The Streak" Made famous by Ray Stevens, this stupid song was released in 1974 and within its first year it grossed over $5-million. The song starts off as a dialogue between a television reporter and a witness to the streaker. It was hilarious at the time but who would really admit to making this song a smash hit.
  3. "Barbie Girl"  A most terrible song sung by Danish pop star, Aqua,in 1997, the singer's voice is high pitched. The lyrics are about the popular Mattel dolls, Barbie and Ken, and eventually the Mattel Corporation filed a lawsuit against the singer. The company stated the song violated copyrights. Aqua counter-sued and for defamation. The song was later determined to be a parody.
  4. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" This tune was the first a cappella song in pop history to reach number one on the billboard charts. Made famous by musician Bobby McFerrin, the song had that Bohemian feel to it. People took to the song more so for the musical philosophy of the title than the song itself.
  5. "Disco Duck" A rather stupid song made popular in 1976 by Memphis DJ Rick Dees. the satirical song became a hit. According to Dees, the song was written in one day but took months to find a recording company to produce it.
  6. "Wannabe" Some may disagree but the debut song by the British pop group the Spice Girls was kind of, well, stupid. The basis of the song is female bonding over a man-woman relationship. Girls around the world took to the song and became empowered by the lyrics.
  7. "Umbrella" Performed by songstress Rihanna featuring special rap moment by Jay-Z. The meaning behind the song has been disputed for years but the most memorable trivia about the song is, exactly how many syllables does the word umbrella really have?
  8. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" This catchy song is by 1970's icon Rod Stewart. If he's talking about himself, the answer would have to be no. The song spent four weeks at number one in 1978 and is basically about boy meets girl in a disco bar and they're attracted to each other.
  9. "We Built This City" Debuted in 1985 and preformed by Starship, formerly known as Jefferson Starship, the song is about the failure of human's uprising. It has been known as the worst song ever produced in music history but reached number one in August 1985 and remained there for one week.  This song reaches new heights of stupidity.
  10. "Who Let The Dogs Out" In 1988, the Baha Men released their one and only hit song made for the "Rugrats" movie soundtrack. The song was a hit with the younger generations but held no appeal for adults. The meaning behind the song may refer to guard dogs being let out at junk yards.  This song will live on forever as one of the most stupid songs ever.  Ever.
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