10 Most Underrated Movies

If your NetFlix queue is getting a little slim, consider adding these 10 most underrated movies. These are all films that somehow fell through the cracks and never got the audience or artistic appreciation that they deserved.

  1. "Starship Troopers" – Critics did not seem to realize that this underrated movie was a satire. While this alien invasion movie has its flaws, it makes some extremely funny and biting observations about militarism and nationalism.
  2. "Desperately Seeking Susan" – Although this underrated movie mostly gets panned as a "Madonna movie," it's really a good movie that just happens to have Madonna in it. Aidan Quinn and Rosanna Arquette have great screen chemistry, and are a pleasure to watch on-screen together.
  3. "The Exorcist III" – How many people even saw this movie? It's only tangentially related to the original; instead, it creates a new story where a cop on the verge of retirement must stop a series of murders. The characters are solid, the dialogue engaging, and the film gets its scares with a bare minimum of gore.
  4. "Hamlet" – The 2000 version starring Ethan Hawke is surprisingly solid. Kyle MacLachlan is cold and ruthless as Claudius and Julia Stiles brings an unusually nuanced Ophelia to the screen. Hawke kind of sucked, but Hamlet's a boringly whiny character anyway.
  5. "10 Things I Hate About You" – Poor Julia Stiles can't catch a break. This underrated movie updates Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" by relocating the action to a California high school.
  6. "Find Me Guilty" – Vin Diesel uses this underrated movie about a real life mob trial to prove that he's more than just an action star.
  7. "Saved" – It could be that people were not comfortable with this twisted comedy's take on religion. People may also have been dubious of the inclusion of both former child star Macaulay Culkin and pop princess Mandy Moore in the cast. Whatever the reason, this underrated movie has never quite gotten more than a cult following.
  8. "Knockaround Guys" – Before Seth Green decided that making poop jokes with puppets was his life's true calling, he appeared in a couple of independent dramas that got only lukewarm receptions. "Knockaround Guys" is a character-driven mob movie that is really worth a watch.
  9. "Ocean's 13" – A lot of series seem to regain their footing on the third installment, when, unfortunately, viewers have gotten fatigued and moved on to the next entertainment. If you are a heist movie fan, this underrated film will definitely appeal to you. "Ocean's 13" delivers some great laughs and a few fun twists that will keep heist movie fans guessing until the end.
  10. "Wet Hot American Summer" – Without a doubt, one of the most underrated movies of the decade. This throwback to raunchy 80s camp movies is eminently quotable; unfortunately, since hardly anyone has seen it, few people will get what you mean when you quote it. It seems to be picking up a cult following on DVD, though, and hopefully will eventually get the audience it deserves.
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