10 Most Valuable Star Wars Collectibles

It way be surprising to find out that the 10 most valuable Star Wars collectibles are all action figures. While they may not be the biggest or  flashiest of the Star Wars collectibles, these ten figures all have one thing in common: rarity. This list isn’t written in stone as  many collectibles move in and out of popularity.

  1. Blue Snaggletooth. This Star Wars collectible was released in 1978. The toy modelers had only a black and white photo of the top half of Snaggletooth to go by. So when the movie version was red and barefoot, instead of blue and boot-clad, the figure was redone.  In-box value of the original figure is about $400, making it valuable among Star Wars collectibles.
  2. Freeze-frame Weequay. Released in the '90s, the value of this Star Wars collectible lies in the packaging. The figure itself isn’t particularly rare, but only a few were packaged with a translucent slide of the figure. If you have one with the slide, it’s worth about $400.
  3. Anakin-to-Darth Vader Hasbro Press Kit. Only given out to media guests at Hasbro’s 2005 Toy Fair, this rare figure of Anakin on a circular base that rotates to a figure of Vader is valued at around $400.
  4. Telescoping Lightsaber Luke. In 1978, three figures were produced with lightsabers that extended from their arms. Blades, in turn, extended from those sabers. These were very fragile, so only one run of the toys was produced. The most common of these figures was Luke Skywalker, which is valued at around $600.
  5. Yak Face. In 1985 Kenner cancelled it’s Star Wars action figure line. Yak Face (a character with a very short Return of the Jedi appearance) had already been produced, and rather than being destroyed,  was sent to outlets in Europe and Canada. Average price, in package, is about $1,000, making it a treasure among Star Wars collectibles.
  6. Rocket Firing Boba Fett. This 1980 Star Wars figure, which Kenner officially denies the existence of, comes with it’s own urban legend. A three-year-old supposedly choked on the projectile, which was fired from Fett’s back. Some sources say this figure only existed as a prototype, while others disregard Kenner’s denial and  list the figure at $1,000 to $2,000.
  7. Vinyl-Caped Jawa. This 1978 Star Wars figure is one of the rarest of all produced. And one of the most counterfeited. Soon after the release of these figures, Kenner improved the line by switching the cheap plastic cape to a fabric one. An authenticated loose figure is worth about $1,000, while in-box authenticated figures are worth about $2,000. Any collector would be pleased to own this among Star Wars collectibles.
  8. Vlix.  A character from the Droids cartoon, this figure wasn’t produced at all in the U.S. When the Droids line was cancelled, the Vlix molds were sent to a Brazilian company, which produced the figure around 1985 and sold it only in Brazil. This Star Wars collectible is worth about $4000 loose.
  9. Telescoping Obi-Wan. Like Luke, this 1978 Star Wars figure came with the extendable light saber in the arm. Quickly phased out because of their fragility, the less common Obi-Wan is worth about  $6,000 to $7,000. This is one of the most valuable of the Star Wars collectibles.
  10. Telescoping Darth Vader. Also released in 1978, this Star Wars figure is said by some sources to be the most valuable of those with telescoping  lightsabers. Like Obi-Wan this figure is valued around $6,000 to $7,000.

There are many Star Wars items that are more valuable than these collectibles. However, those items are generally unique pieces, which were actually used in the production of the movies. The Star Wars collectibles listed here were produced for the public and are generally accessible to any collector willing to invest the time  and money in their pursuit. Happy Hunting!

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