10 Motivational Cartoon Movies

These 10 motivational cartoon movies are more than films with cute animals. They also persuade you to get off your butt and want to do something. Motivational cartoon movies inspire you to achieve or believe in something, and yes, they usually do that with some silly line spoke by a cute animal. Here are ten (+ one, I couldn't help it) motivational cartoon movies, with cute animals, that will inspire you.

  1. "WALL-E". Okay, so WALL-E's not a cute animal and he rarely speaks. He is a cute robot and he doesn't need to speak to motivate us. "WALL-E" is a motivational cartoon movie because we really don't want to look like that in the future, do we? "WALL-E" motivates us to get out of the recliner and take a walk.
  2. "Mulan". Like many Disney films with heroines, "Mulan" is a great motivational cartoon movie for young girls. The reason why it is on this list and not the other Disney movies with heroines is because "Mulan" also has Mushu. That fun dragon is one of the best sidekicks Disney has created. Oh, and don't forget he's cute, too.
  3. "Princess Mononoke". Hayao Miyazaki, who is known for his movies that make you think, directs this Studio Ghibli film. Defending nature is one of Miyazaki's favorite themes and "Princess Mononoke" is a motivational cartoon movie that makes you want to do just that.
  4. "The Lion King". Another Disney movie, "The Lion King" was based on philosophical ideas made easier to understand with cute lions and a meerkat. "The Lion King" does a good of motivate us to do two opposite things. First, we're motivated to just sit back, relax, and live the Hakuna Matata life. Then, we're motivated to face our past and our future.
  5. "Robin Hood". An older, but much loved, Disney film, "Robin Hood" is the story of the hero in green told as a fox and with other cute animals.  Like all Robin Hood movies, this one is a motivational cartoon movie that inspires us to help those less fortunate. We should always steal from the rich to feed the poor, although not literally steal.
  6. "Pocahontas". Disney completely changed the true story of Pocahontas, but their version did become a motivational cartoon movie. Not only does it motivate us to protect nature, like "Princess Mononoke", but it also helps us see that we are all the same, no matter how different we look or act.
  7. "Ferngully". Yet another motivational cartoon movie that inspires us to save nature, this time, "Ferngully" motivates us to protect the rainforests specifically. Also, there is a social commentary on the testing of animals, as Batty Koda so hilariously describes to us in the movie.
  8. "Howl's Moving Castle". Another Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli film, "Howl's Moving Castle" is supposed to be based on a book, but instead it became its own story and masterpiece. It is a motivational cartoon movie for a few reasons. The older generation are motivated to keep doing and living, because you are only as old as you think you are. Also, we are motivated to love.
  9. "Spirited Away". Miyazaki again, because he is a director that loves to motivate and inspire. "Spirited Away" is about a young girl who finds herself stuck in the land of spirits and has to save her parents who have been turned to pigs. It is a motivational cartoon movie for younger people. It motivates them to do the things others might say you are too little or young to do.
  10. "Beauty and the Beast". By far a Disney favorite, Beauty and the Beast is the best motivational cartoon movie because it motivates us to be good and not selfish. Most importantly, like "Howl's Moving Castle", it motivates us to find love.
  11. "Toy Story". No toy gets left behind in this motivational cartoon movie. Although "Toy Story" is a great movie about friendship, there is more to it. It motivates us to remember our childhoods, and to take good care of our toys. They took care of us.
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