10 Motocross Protection Tips

If you are an avid Motocross racer, then you should definitely know these 10 Motocross protection tips. There are many benefits to Motocross racing, but these would all be outweighed if you were to get hurt, so take the necessary protection precautions!

  1. Always wear the necessary safety equipment, no matter what the circumstances. There may be instances where you want to race or just ride but for whatever reason you don’t have the Motocross protection equipment such as your helmet with you. Equate this situation with not being able to ride to stay protected during Motocross.
  2. Wear well fitting Motocross Protection equipment. Once again, the helmet, being the most important tool in your protection arsenal, should fit without bouncing around and stay snug on your head, but also stay comfortable by not wearing the helmet to tight.
  3. If you are just starting out, take things slow. You don’t want to push yourself and your bike to go as fast as you possibly can as you can lose control and end up hurting yourself early on, so get comfortable with your riding ability before taking it to full power.
  4. Find someone who knows about Motocross to give you tips. The closest you can get to a surefire protection method is to know as much as you possibly can about Motocross and how to do it safely, which is something you receive from an experienced rider.
  5. Get a bike for a beginner if you are a beginner. An 80cc is probably a good one to start off to keep you protected because it is pretty low power but also pretty easy to control. Keep in mind the faster you go, the less control you will have and for a new rider, this can be detrimental.
  6. Do some practice runs before you do an actual Motocross race. This will get you a feeling of how the courses are so you can at least begin to understand what kinds of precautions you need to stay safe out on the Motocross tracks!
  7. Keep in mind, your protection in Motocross is always more important than winning. You may see an opportunity to take a risky move such as cut off another racer while racing, but doing these kinds of maneuvers puts you at risk for a crash and your first priority should always be to stay safe.
  8. If you enjoy freestyle, start of doing some easy tricks until you feel comfortable. The only thing that puts your Motocross career in danger more than getting hurt during a race is getting hurt during freestyle because this is where you are putting yourself at risk doing tricks such as back flips and superman’s that can be deadly if not done correctly.
  9. Keep freestyle and racing separate while doing Motocross. This comes into play when people feel the need to show off during a race by doing some kind of trick off a jump or something of the sort and it ultimately can get someone hurt and you look like an idiot.
  10. Don’t be afraid to race.  Being scared all of the time is actually what puts most new riders in danger because they are hesitant and when something does go wrong, they are to jumpy to do what they need to do to avoid a problem, so jump in there and have fun!
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