10 Motocross Track Design Tips

Building a track for you to practice motocross on can be an indecisive task, so we have compiled a list of 10 motocross track design tips to help you make the process run more smoothly. 

  1. Curves. Curves in the track are important. Make sure to place a few left, and right hand turns in the track to even out your turning practice. Banking, or "up the wall" turns are helpful as well for sharper turns. 
  2. Jumps. Jumps are important to practice, especially if you plan on doing some professional motocross at some time in your future. Having a variety of small, and large jumps will be best, and make sure to leave a straight stretch of track or bailout area ahead of the jump if you are a beginner. 
  3. "Whoopdees." "Whoopdees" is a name commonly used for a long, straight stretch of numerous small jumps. The jumps are normally no larger than a foot high, and are spaced about two feet apart. "Whoopdees" are great practice for control of the vehicle because you cannot barrel over them too fast, or you will fall. 
  4. Even the dirt. Evening the dirt with a "Markov chain" will ensure that there is no potentially dangerous debris on the track. A Markov chain is the type of chain commonly used to even out baseball fields. Slowly pull the chain behind an ATV vehicle along the entire track about tree times before using the track for a smoother ride. 
  5. Pack the dirt. Packing the dirt will assist in immediate control over the motocross vehicle. This step is optional, and the dirt will pack itself after moderate use, but some riders prefer to pack the dirt with a roller or construction packer right away to immediately go all out. 
  6. Protection. It is recommended for more extreme courses to have barrels of water, or hay stacks lined along the sides of turns and jumps to break your fall. 
  7. Visibility. It is always recommended with any motocross track, whether you share it with others or not, that you line each side of the course with bright guidelines to assist in track visibility. Lining the sides with flags, or brightly spray painting the dirt along the edges are both great ideas. 
  8. Lighting. Sometimes, you don't want to stop riding after the sun goes down. To prepare for these instances, it wouldn't be a bad idea to place spotlights periodically along the track so that you aren't riding in the dark. 
  9. Crowd Visibility. Though it is nice to be able to have your own secluded track, it isn't always the safest location. Being visible to other people is a great idea in case you are seriously injured during motocross training, and cannot take yourself to help. 
  10. Bleachers or Benches. This is always a final touch to any motocross track; the seating for others to watch. If you are planning to make a decent enough track for you, and possibly other friends to ride on, it is almost a given that other people are going to want to watch you all ride. Place some homemade bleachers with a fence in front of them on the side of a straight portion of the track for safety during observation. 
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