10 Movies About Sex

Looking for 10 movies about sex? Through the years movies about sex have revealed all the good things and the bad things related to the topic. Here are a few great films about love, lust and consequences. 

  1. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” This sci-fi spoof stars Tim Curry as a cross-dressing alien with only one thing on his mind.
  2. “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” The title pretty much says it all, but this isn’t just simple, erotic voyeuristic filth (like “Sliver”). It’s a pretty good film about relationships, inhibitions and society.
  3. “American Pie” Ah, high school sex, hot chicks and jokes about masturbating with baked goods—you've got to love it. Sure, the flick spawned a franchise of stupid sequels, but frat boy comedy doesn’t get any better than the original.
  4. “Caligula” It’s rare to find names like Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren on a list like this, but the two British mega-stars both make appearances in this smutty recreation of Caligula’s reign.
  5. “The Crying Game” The movie involves an intricate plot but the notorious she-male sex scene is all it needed to earn a spot on the list.
  6. “Eyes Wide Shut” This sex movie for the thinking man stars Nicole Kidman and her ex, Tom Cruise, and is directed by film genius Stanley Kubrick.
  7. “Working Girls” Prostitutes hit the street and the sheets in a movie portrayal of the life of an escort.
  8. “Kids” A HIV-positive teen spreads his hate and his disease by trying to have sex with as many girls as he can. Not exactly a feel-good movie.
  9. “Fatal Attraction” Part of a long line of Michael Douglas movies about sex, "Fatal Attraction" illustrates how important it is not to get in bed with the wrong person.
  10. “9 1/2 Weeks” Kim Basinger and a hot (before he hit the wall, and the bottle, pretty hard) Mickey Rourke set the gold standard for steamy onscreen sex.
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