10 Movies About Snakes

If you're searching for ten movies about snakes, then low and behold. These menacing beasts have been causing mankind problems ever since Satan made his appearance as one in the Garden of Eden. Since then, they have remained as a disturbance for the human race throughout time, especially in Tinseltown. Here's ten movies about snakes,

  1. "Boa." Dean Cain pretty much dominated television back in the '90s. Shortly after "Lois and Clark", Dean Cain turned to the direct-to-DVD market where he ended up in a film called "Boa," which is basically the snake version of "Godzilla." Boa, a giant snake, is discovered in Antarctica and you pretty much know what happens from there.
  2. "Python." If Boa is Godzilla, then Python must be King Kong. Originally aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, "Python" has Jenny McCarthy and Wil Wheaton teaming up to stop the rampage of an enormous snake monster that's hungry for human blood.
  3. "Boa vs. Python." Former Playboy girl Angel Boris dominates the early half of this film but the rest of it contains an awesome giant snake. When this boa escapes from containment, the government unleashes Python to hunt him down.
  4. "Snakes on a Plane." Nobody can possibly forget this turkey of a snake film. No other snake film has garnered more hype in history than "Snakes on a Plane." It had all the right ingredients: Samuel L. Jackson and a whole bunch of snakes unleashed on an airplane. Too bad it wasn't as good as it sounded on paper.
  5. "Conan the Barbarian." While the film itself doesn't focus entirely on snakes, the big sequence where Arnold Schwarzenegger has to do battle with a gigantic snake monster is unforgettable and convincingly scary beyond belief, especially considering the time period this was made in. 
  6. "Vipers." If there's any hot actress out there who's brave enough to do battle with huge snakes, it has got to be Tara Reid. "Vipers" follows an evil organization that's trying to use horned vipers to find a cure for cancer via genetic experiments. But, as usual, not all goes as planned.
  7. "Curse II: The Bite." This is what happens when the fly in "The Fly" is replaced with a snake. "Curse II" follows a couple who are out on a road trip when hubby gets bitten on the hand by a snake. As his hand grows into a snake, he starts acting weird and by the end of the film, he's puking snakes. This film has one of the best special effects ending in horror movie history.
  8. "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Another film that isn't entirely about snakes but features a big key sequence involving them. Towards the end of this film, Indiana Jones come face to face with his worst fears – snakes.
  9. "Anaconda." This is perhaps the most decent snake movie out there. It's packed with an all-star cast ranging from Jon Voight, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. The movie may be a guilty pleasure of sorts, but provides great action and an excellent cast.
  10. "Anacondas: The Hunt for the Black Orchid." The sequel doesn't contain many of the elements that made the original so great (like J-Lo's booty) but what the sequel does promise is an awesome giant snake orgy.
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