10 Movies With Dinosaurs

There is no doubt that a movie about Dinosaurs is going to contain adventure, and the following ten movies with Dinosaurs, are all packed with prehistoric predators waiting in the wings. Rather it be the massive T-Rex or the not so popular Raptor, dinosaurs and their prehistoric, man-eating chaos will provide the viewer with excitement.

  1. “The Land That Time Forgot." After battling a terrible storm, a boat is capsized and leaves a group of people stranded with prehistoric predators on a deserted island. There is s very slim chance of survival or escape for those stranded with the carnivorous predators.
  2. “Pterodactyl." While leading a military special ops unit on a hunt for a dangerous terrorist, a Captain and a science professor come across un-hatched pterodactyl eggs that have been dormant for millions of years. The military unit and scientific unit are faced with the threat of the man eating predators preventing them from leaving alive.
  3. “Raptor Island." This action packed film is about a hostage rescue mission that turns into a prehistoric horror. The result is trained killers fighting for survival against prehistoric carnivores, thought to be extinct.
  4. “Raptor." While investigating a trail of horrific murders, sheriff Jim Tanner discovers live group of prehistoric raptors.
  5. “Jurassic Park III." A couple who pose as tourists convince a paleontologist and his assistant to be their guides during a flyover trip to “Site B,” the infamous area in the second Jurassic Park. The couple are actually trying to find their missing son. The plane crashes and they come face to face with a battle between a T- Rex and a Spinosaurus while trying to escape with their lives.
  6. “The Lost World: Jurassic Park." In the second of the Jurassic Park movies, a group agrees to go to an island that is overloaded with cloned dinosaurs that are roaming freely about. The exploiter and the researcher have to come together in order to survive their visit to "Site B" and their second encounter with a T-Rex and several other man eating predators.
  7. “Jurassic Park." This is the first of the "Jurassic Park" films. It is based on a novel written by Michael Crichton about cloned dinosaurs who have taken over an island that was meant to house only an amusement park.
  8. “Carnosaur." A geneticist has evil plans of exposing all humans to a lethal virus. She has one goal and that is to destroy all of mankind in order replace them with prehistoric dinosaurs. The film is a battle against the prehistoric predators in order to prevent the human race extinction.
  9. “Dinosaurus!” A construction crew discovers a caveman, a Brontosaurus and a T-Rex that have been frozen on a tropical island. A lightening storm brings the three of them back to life. The film is a chaotic mix of the modern world and prehistoric predators.
  10. “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms." This is a black and white film about an atomic bomb that was detonated near the Arctic Circle. When the bomb goes off, it wakes up a giant Rhedosaurus that has been frozen for over 100 million years. Once woken, the beast goes on a destructive rampage.
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