10 Movies With Full Frontal Female Asian Nudity

If watching beautiful Asian women in their birthday suits is your interest, you ought to know the 10 movies with full frontal female Asian nudity. These movies were made in Hong Kong between the 80s and 90s. Although they aren't porn movies, most of the scenes are very erotic and sexy. The movies with full frontal female Asian nudity are listed below.

  1. "Crazy Love" (1994) The movie is about the adventures of a girl in search of true love. Loletta Lee, the main character, had many full frontal nudity scenes through the movie. Note that she was one of the sexiest actresses in Hong Kong back then.
  2. "Girls Unbutton" (1994) Another movie where Loletta Lee played the main character. This movie focused on three girls' love life and relationships. You would find this movie perfect if you want to see frontal nudity of multiple women all at once.
  3. "Sex and Zen" (1991) As implied by the title, this movie is about how women learned about the truth of sex. Amy Yip, another famous sex symbol actress in Hong Kong, played the main role. Just like Girls Unbutton, frontal nudity scenes of multiple women will be available throughout the entire movie.
  4. "Sex and Zen 2" (1996) The movie is about a rich dad who marries his sexy daughter-in-law by murdering his retarded son. He wouldn't allow his daughter, Loletta Lee, to dress as a woman. All the full frontal nudity scenes came out when the dad found out his wife was a monster and the daughter was losing her virginity.
  5. "Sex and Zen 3" (1998) Another movie which had full frontal nudity scenes of multiple women. The story focused on the jealousy and revenge of three new prostitutes. Jane Chung, a young and sexy Taiwanese actress, played the main role.
  6. "Erotic Ghost Story" (1987) The movie is about the sex adventures of three buxom sisters. Besides the full frontal nudity of these three women, you will also see many other women nude in a few scenes. Just like Sex and Zen, Amy Yip is the main character.
  7. "Erotic Ghost Story 2" (1991) The movie is pretty similar to Erotic Ghost Story. If you love Amy Yip, you could see her again. There are only a few full frontal nudity scenes.
  8. "The Fruit is Swelling" (1997) If you enjoy "Crazy Love", you'll like this movie as well. It is simply because both movies shared the same story line. The main character was played by Jane Chung. You'll enjoy her full frontal nudity scenes along with two other characters' throughout the movie.
  9. "Chinese Erotic Ghost Story" (1998) The movie is about a timid young man's sex adventures. As the story developed, multiple women have full frontal nudity scenes.
  10. "The Love that is Wrong" (1992) Just like "Sex and Zen 3", the main idea of this movie was jealousy and revenge. The only difference is that the story portrayed the love triangle between a pair of lesbian lovers and a guy. You'll love this movie if you want to watch full frontal nudity scenes with lesbians.
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