10 Movies That Rock

These 10 movies that rock include concert films, mockumentaries and mainstream feature films. Whether it is rock and roll, blues or pop bands, these movies all provide entertainment with a rock and roll beat. Directed by Oscar winners and legends of documentary films, these are the best movies that rock.

  1. “Gimme Shelter” – Albert and David Maysles directed this documentary about the Rolling Stones in 1970. One of the greatest movies that rock, the documentary infamously shows the murder of a man in the audience by a member of The Hell’s Angels, who were serving as bodyguards for the band.
  2. “This is Spinal Tap” – “This is Spinal Tap” is one of the best movies that rock because it doesn’t just stop at ten on the volume amp, but instead goes all the way to eleven. Rob Reiner directs this mockumentary about the rise and fall of the fictional band Spinal Tap. Co-writer Christopher Guest went on to direct a large number of mockumentaries since this movie’s 1984 release.
  3. “A Hard Day’s Night” – “A Hard Day’s Night” is the best film to star The Beatles and remains one of the best movies that rock. The movie follows The Beatles as they travel to London to perform in concert and along the way have to rescue Paul’s grandfather from various dangers while fretting when Ringo goes missing right before the show.
  4. “The Last Waltz” – Academy Award winning film director Martin Scorsese directs this rock concert in 1978, one of the greatest movies that rock. This concert film contains footage of the final concert of legendary recording artists The Band. Guests to show up and perform in the film include Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
  5. “Stop Making Sense” – “Stop Making Sense” is another concert film, this one directed by Jonathan Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs”). The concert film features the Talking Heads in a concert from December 1983. This movie is the first to be made only using digital audio technique, remaining one of the best movies that rock.
  6. “Almost Famous” – Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” follows a teenager who gets a job following and writing about his favorite rock band in one of the best movies that rock. Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as a rock journalist who assigns the boy to write an article about Black Sabbath and meets the band Stillwater, with whom he strikes up a rocky relationship.
  7. “High Fidelity” – “High Fidelity” is an adaptation of a novel by Nick Hornby and tells the story about a record store owner obsessed with creating lists to explain his life. In the movie, Rob Gordon discusses the Top 5 heartbreaks in his life. This is one of the best movies that rock, also centering on Rob’s record label, “Top 5 Records”.
  8. “The Doors” – Oliver Stone directs this biopic of The Doors, with Val Kilmer portraying Jim Morrison. It is one of the best movies that rock, following the rise and eventual death of Morrison. Stone uses most of The Doors most famous songs in the movie, including “Riders on the Storm” and “Break on Through.”
  9. “The Wall” – Pink Floyd created this movie based on their 1979 album, a hybrid live-action/animated film, which plays the entire album from start to finish. The story follows the life of Pink, a young boy who grows into a rock star, in one of the best movies that rock. Alan Parker (“Midnight Express”) directs the movie.
  10. “The Blues Brothers” – John Landis directs this comedy music movie, one of the greatest movies that rock. Jake Blues gets out of prison and rejoins his brother Elwood to undertake a “mission from God” to earn enough money to save their childhood home, a Catholic orphanage. The soundtrack includes music from Aretha Franklin and James Brown.
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