10 Movies That Teach Responsibility

Looking for 10 movies that teach responsibility? The movies below include some award-winning favorites and a few oldies but really goodies. It's possible to teach things like responsibility from media. In fact, for some parents, it's easier to chat about a movie plot and theme than it is to bring the topic up out of the blue. Some movies do an excellent job in covering the basics in an interesting way, and without the preaching that folks hate when learning a lesson.

  1. "Holes" Responsibility to the environment is the theme of this book-turned-film. A nearly extinct bird, a young boy and his friends as well as family members are the focus of this film that traces the derailing of a major real estate investment company. It's a sad tale that ends up with a happy ending. Too bad life doesn't mimic the film in most real life circumstances.
  2. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" This film is about a chocolate factory, but it's also about life lessons that incorporate responsibility. Charlie and his grandfather are among a group of potential winners touring Willy's factory. The tour challenges each winner in an effort to select an owner who meets criteria that include accepting responsibility.
  3. "It's a Wonderful Life" The main character of this movies that teach responsibility has too much responsibility. Everyone depends on George Bailey. He misses college and is saddled with the responsibilities of making a small town bank work in the middle of the Great Depression. George is in despair but he meets up with his guardian angel in a tale that borrows its plot from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."
  4. "Babe" Who knew that pigs could teach life lessons? When the pig is a talking pig, the responsibility lesson is somehow easier to take. Babe is not an ordinary pig; he's wise beyond his years. The movie is a delightful tale that teaches about responsibility with a lot of heart.
  5. "Hoosiers" High school basketball players, girlfriends, parents, teachers and a pair of men who have failed in life all explore the themes of personal responsibility in this film that features basketball in rural Indiana. It's a classic tale and a period film that never looks old. "Hoosiers" is a classic on this list of movies that teach responsibility.
  6. "The Man Who Would Be King" Responsibility is just one of the lessons taught by this film. A check on ego, communication and self-assessment are also part of the package, though it is not for very young children!
  7. "Good Night, and Good Luck" A mature film that questions the responsibility of a society in stopping the excesses of a minority. The film challenges viewers to take a personal stance on stopping persecution.
  8. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Ferris is a clown. He's made his way to senior year by scamming his way out of responsibility. His sister ends up doing the dirty work, while Ferris skates. The film follows Ferris and friends through a ditch day from school and explores responsibility from the sides of a principal, teacher, parent, friend, sibling and also from Bueller himself.
  9. "Dead Poets Society" Robin Williams' character teaches at a private boys' school and encounters a number of issues that question the concept of responsibility. Although Williams is known for his comic timing, he explores serious questions encountered by a group of boys that are coming of age and asking important questions about the meaning of life and friendship.
  10. "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Poor Gilbert is responsible for himself and his family. It's a tough duty for a mere high school student, and Gilbert certainly has his hand's full with the weight of the world his mother and brother carry. The film is a good start for high school discussions about a call for help and handling responsibility alone.
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