10 Movies Trailers Of 2009

After movie audiences cheered them, what were the 10 best movie trailers of 2009? The hype has worn off and it's time to pick the top movie trailers that got you hot to buy tickets:

  1. "Star Trek" – This heroic theatrical trailer for J.J. Abrams' franchise reboot throttled excitement to Warp Factor 9. Many doubted that the Trek franchise had any dilithium left in the tank until the new Kirk, Spock and crew transported into theaters, thanks to this awesome 2009 trailer.
  2. "The Hangover" – Many man-comedies preceded it, but this disastrous bachelor party weekend in Vegas had audiences howling with laughter. Did this trailer make "The Hangover" something to remember in 2009? You bet your grandmother's Holocaust ring! 
  3. "Zombieland" – Bashing the brains out of the undead was never so much fun, thanks to this clever blend of gore and guffaws. Whether your favorite weapon is a grand piano or garden shears, this top 2009 trailer set the tone for this horror-comedy that killed at box offices.
  4. "inglourious Basterds" – Quentin Tarantino made hating Nazis fun again with his history-lite World War II mashup of action, western and foreign films. Brad Pitt makes the big speech, but Christoph Waltz got all the laughs and an Oscar for losing the war. Often imitated, never duplicated, this was a stand-out trailer in 2009.   
  5. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" – The sixth installment about the world's favorite boy wizard cast a darker spell in this moody teaser. Yet outright comedy breaks in when least expected to keep little witches and warlocks from getting scared. This epic, ominous trailer only hinted at the dark finale Harry will face in 2010-2011 with the two-part series conclusion.
  6. "Up" – Disney/Pixar's high-flying animated adventure got a great launch from this wildly entertaining 2009 trailer. Grouchy old man meets tubby boy scout, ties a thousand balloons to his house, and the studio is off and running to the bank. Perfectly capturing the heart and humor of this award-winner, "Up" soared above the competition thanks to this superb trailer.  
  7. "Watchmen" – In one of those instances when the trailer exceeded the film, this stylish and artistic preview nailed the grit and guts of Alan Moore's visionary graphic novel.  By comparison, the feature film seemed bloated and lacked the kinetic spark of Zack Snyder's brilliantly edited trailer that wowed viewers in '09.
  8. "District 9" – Sci-fi stories from South Africa normally don't dominate American box offices, but this 2009 trailer hooked its audience early.  What looked like an alien-bug monster flick was really an ingenious political commentary and one rollicking good film.  "District 9" fought an uphill battle against the mainstream competition but this trailer softened the ground for its theatrical invasion.
  9. "Terminator Salvation" (3rd Trailer) – The post-apocalyptic battle for survival between humans and machines finally hit the screen in McG's controversial sequel. Adding the Nine Inch Nails' tune 'The Day the Whole World Went Away'  upped the cool factor in the trailer that never quite materialized in the film itself.
  10. "Avatar" – It's almost unfair to compare it to standard movie trailers, but this massive 3 1/2-minute beast practically tells the entire story of James Cameron's colonizing bug hunt. Yet instead of giving away the movie, this mega-trailer (and all the hype surrounding it)  helped make "Avatar" the top grossing film of all time. This is Pandora!



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