10 Movies To Watch Bored

 If you asked the average person for his personal list of 10 movies to watch bored, he would probably include several action flicks and some wild comedies of fairly recent vintage. But what do you do when even your favorite movies have temporarily lost their appeal and bore you too? The answer is you need to watch some intriguing films that you probably haven't seen before.

  1. “Little Caesar.” Yes, this movie is old, really old, but Edward G. Robinson's performance as Rico, a small-time gangster fighting his way to the top of the underworld, is still as powerful today as it was decades ago. The film moves so fast you don't have time to be bored, and Rico makes the mobsters in “The Godfather” movies look tame by comparison.

  1. “Tremors.” A movie about whale-sized mutant worms that burrow at supersonic speeds and eat people? Sounds silly, but it somehow works. Starring Kevin Bacon, this movie tells the story of the eccentric residents of a small, isolated town who battle the freakishly weird worms. With elephant guns, dynamite, bulldozers, and intelligent caterpillars involved, your boredom will be cured when you watch this movie.

  2. “Shane.” Gunfighter Shane seeks to abandon his old life, but instead drifts into a range war between cattleman and farmers. When Shane helps the farmers, he alienates the cattle baron, who promptly hires his own cold-blooded shootist. Things escalate from a barroom brawl featuring axe handles as weapons to the inevitable quick draw showdown.

  3. “Ninotkchka.” The Soviet government sends three bumbling agents to Paris to sell jewels for much-needed cash. When the Russians are corrupted by a French Count, the Communists dispatch a tough female envoy to knock them back in line. Greta Garbo stars in this film, and she's not only hot, but hilariously funny, too. The Count is smitten with Garbo (what man wouldn't be) and begins a comical pursuit of her.

  4. “The Sea Hawk.” Errol Flynn plays a privateer in 16th century England in what many consider to be the greatest swashbuckling movie ever made. All of the adventure, naval battles, and swordplay featured in this movie will excite even the most bored viewer.

  5. “That Touch of Mink.” In this screwball romantic comedy, Doris Day is a klutzy wage slave looking for both a job and Mr. Right. Cary Grant is a wealthy businessman looking for Miss Right Now. Will she trap him, or will he snare her?

  6. “Damn Yankees.” Joe Boyd sells his soul to the devil for the chance to lead his beloved baseball team to the pennant. The devil then calls on red-headed sex kitten Lola to seduce Joe and keep him in line. What bored guy could resist a movie featuring baseball and a voluptuous seductress?

  7. “Zulu.” This is the story of a fierce battle between a very small British contingent and a horde of thousands of battle-hardened Zulu warriors. The movie is based on the historical Battle of Rorke's Drift.

  8. “Enter the Dragon.” Bruce Lee takes on an army of bad guys when he infiltrates a drug lord's lair. What follows is a martial arts extravaganza. This movie will not only relieve temporary boredom, but it will also keep you from getting bored for the next few weeks as you engage in mock kung fu fights with your buddies.

  9. “Some Like It Hot.” Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, on the run from the mob, disguise themselves as women and join an all girl band that features Marilyn Monroe as the lead singer. Curtis falls for Monroe, and a millionaire pursues Lemmon's “female” character. Chaos and confusion ensue.

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