10 Movies Where Passengers Land A Plane


Some of the best movies and some of the silliest are movies where passengers land a plane. This article will tell you about 10 movies that focus on problems that arise onboard and how the passengers land a plane.

  1. "Panic in the Skies" a 1986 movie stars Kate Jackson, Ed Marinaro and Erik Estrada. A 747 is struck by lightning in midair. The pilot and co-pilot are dead. Laurie, played by Jackson, is a passenger and the flight attendant. She and Brett, played by Marinaro, must try and land the plane before the Air Force decides whether they should just shoot the plane down to avoid it crashing into a city.
  2. "Airplane" a 1980 movie stars Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, and Leslie Nielsen. Food poisoning strikes the crew and passengers and the question is, who can land a plane? It is up to a doctor, a former fighter pilot, and his old flame.
  3. "Terror in the Sky" is a 1971 movie that stars Roddy McDowell and Doug McClure. This movie theme was used later in Airplane and is is about passengers and the pilots getting sick after eating fish. A man who hasn't flown since the war must land the plane.
  4. "Snakes on a Plane" is a 2006 movie that stars Samuel Jackson and Nathan Phillips. Snakes are released onto the plane by a crime boss facing prison. When the pilot and co-pilot are killed by snakes someone has to be found onboard who knows how to land a plane. A passenger onboard who has only played flight simulator games is the only hope the passengers have to avoid tragedy.
  5. "Airport 1975" is a1974 movie and stars Charlton Heston and Karen Black . A Boeing 747 collides with a private jet. The crew is killed. Stewardess Nancy Pryor, played by Karen Black, along with hot shot pilot and her boyfriend played by Charlton Heston must take the controls and safely land the plane.
  6. "Turbulence" is a 1997 movie and stars Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly. The crew is murdered by an escaping prisoner and once again someone is needed who can land a plane. A young flight attendant has to land the 747 jumbo jet to save them all.
  7. "Flight Into Danger" is a 1956 movie and stars Corrinne Conley, Kate Reed and James Doohan (who later became famous playing in Star Trek as Scotty). One of the first movies related to the pilots falling victim to food poisoning. A small planes pilot must take the controls of a large passenger plane.
  8. "Zero Hour" is a 1957 movie that stars Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell and Sterling Hayden. Once again this is movie about passengers and pilots being affected by food poisoning. I'm getting the idea that maybe eating on a plane is not the safest thing to do. Anyway, once again some who can fly and land a plane is needed. An  air force pilot, who in 1945 had six men die in his squadron feels they died because of his misjudgment. Eleven years later he has still not forgiven himself. Now he is the only hope they have to land safely.
  9. "Air Force One" is a 1997 that movie stars Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Glenn Close. Air Force one is taken over by terrorists who demand the release of their leader. The pilots are killed and the president played by Harrison Ford takes over piloting the plane and must land successfully to save them all.
  10. "Soul Plane" is a 2004 movie that stars Tom Arnold, and Snoop Dogg. This is definitely not one for kids to watch. A guy on a plane, Nashawn, is in the bathroom and the plane suffers a minor disaster and his dog gets sucked out through a jet engine. He sues the airline and uses the settlement to start his own airline. On the flight the pilot dies after eating mushrooms that the co-pilot used to soothe his genital warts. Nashawn tries to find the co-pilot who is incapacitated after slipping on water. Nashawn safely lands the plane with help of a stewardess who used the flight knowledge she learned while having sex in the cockpit with a pilot on another flight.
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